Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best New Year

I came upon a beautiful white cat outside tonight.
Just as I was leaving one of my client's homes, there it was sitting next to my car on a quiet street looking very much at home in its neighborhood. We had a little chat, I got a few pats in and told it to head home because it was dark and it should be inside. I was not TOO worried for it as it is one of those streets in our town where you see cats out and lying on porches, sidewalks and sometimes fences in the daytime and the evenings. Last summer I spent many a day photographing cats in windows. This is one of the streets that I always found beautiful subjects.

So the Christmas season is over and the New Year begins.I always feel the same way every year at this time. Fat  & Tired. So it's back to 2 power walks a day and no more sweets.  I bet you still have some turkey lying around, dont'cha?

Now get out there and start the Best New Year you have ever had. All the Best to you.

               2011...I am READY for you! 
hugs, Deb


  1. That is a pretty cat! Of course I think every cat is a pretty cat because I love them. I didn't cook turkey or anything else (lazy wife I am) so there are no leftovers.

  2. Happy New Year Deb! This has been a wonderful year and finding your blog has been a part of it for sure! I've enjoyed following your Cat sitting adventures and meeting all the cats you love and care for and the one's who share your home. Oh and Kane also...can't forget that sweet guy! It is time to get back to healthy eating and walking more. Looking forward to all this year will bring!
    hugs, Linda

  3. I think that white cat was somebody's way of trying to communicate with you...especially if you have never seen this cat before...

  4. Looks like you had a fun evening, Deb! The recipe looks wonderful and the kitties are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment on my blog today! Happy New Year!

  5. What a wonderful post, lovely family and more great cat photos!