Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

I haven't talked much about cat-sitting since the kittens arrived. I'm all done with care for Bud & Chase this week. We had a fun time playing together and since it was raining Bud did not bug me to let him out. That's good because I don't like caring for cats and letting them outside. It makes me worry about them.

I'm caring for a fella named Ford. His owner is a Ford driver and always has been. He is a single cat; a  grey striped tabby with a lot of personality. It will be fun getting to know him. This coming weekend is very busy for cat-sitting because it is the Canadian Thanksgiving. We not only have Thanksgiving dinner to prepare but we also have a wedding to attend on Saturday. It will be one busy weekend.

Gary is just back from being away visiting family this weekend.

I've enjoyed having the house to myself but I have to admit not much got done around here. Sometimes that's ok, though. These kittens are getting to be so much fun and entertain me for hours.
Annie is having a time keeping her eyes on them. They hide, jump at each other, run, wiggle then flop down and roll across the floor. Now, how is anyone supposed to get anything done with that going on?
They love to play inside the little houses.

The big step to eating real food and having to use a litter-box is next on the agenda. If I thought I was busy with them before I have another thought comin'. Now It's going to be work.
I'm off to buy teeny food dishes, the kind with two sides and more food like mom eats (Performatrin Kitten food) and lots of wheat litter. Kittens & mom cannot use clumping litter because of the clay.

Update on Allie - My daughter is now in Cotopaxi to camp for 3 days. 28km South of Quito, Equador. My hair is turning grey by the second.

hugs, Deb


  1. Kitties still adorable!!! My duckings are getting gawkier by the day. :)

    Glad your daughter and friend are having a good trip. They will have many tales to tell when they come home!