Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off to the shelter we go.

Today was our (the retired guy came along) trip to the animal shelter for vaccinations and de-worming. (The cats...not us)

It was quite the experience since the kittens had never been out of the cat-room at home. It used to be a spare bedroom and will be again someday. Just don't show me any needy kittens and I'll actually turn the room into something presentable.

Mom & kittens were very quiet on their trip to Smiths Falls. Bree actually fell asleep.

Once we arrived, we went to the reception desk and the kittens and Annie were scooped up and taken to a small room to be inoculated and de-wormed. I waited outside the door just like any anxious momma. ;-)

Here they are back in the reception room and all is done. Had they been abducted? Yep, that was the only explanation.
There were many admirers there petting them and squeeeeealing over their baby faces.

Then home again, home again and their disgruntled meows were ear-deafening. Annie stayed silent.

Now they are resting after a good lunch and I expect that they will be feverish and sleepy for the rest of the day.
Glad to have this over-with. Now,  let's get them adopted.

hugs, Deb  


  1. I'm surprised you came home with them...I thought the minute they hit the streets a queue would form, they are that cute.

  2. Poor babies.
    Hope Annie is feeling better.

  3. Such sweethearts - hope they all come to live in the most blessed of homes!!


    P.S. Did you see my tea post this week - Copperfield got in the shots - always in the middle of my biz . . .

  4. They are wonderful, I would like to take all three :-) Thank you for found my blog so I found yours. I love cats!

    I can not see that you follow and I can find no place to follow your blog.


  5. I'm pining away for an inside kitty. I'd take one of yours in a heart beat...... trying to figure out, if I get a kitty inside, with littler box..... how to keep our over weight dog from eat the poop.... Yuck....

  6. put the litter box in a room with a door and add a chain-latch that allows the cat to go through the door but not big enough for the dog.It works like a charm.

  7. I love that last shot. They all look totally exhausted!

  8. Oh, the last photo is so precious! Poor babies, what an exhausting day!