Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love the smell of pumpkin bread

I had a busy evening with cat-sitting. One home has 6 cats and it  was my first visit so it takes time to get to know who is who (they are all black and white but one) and get them used to me in their home.
I'll get photos of them on Sunday. I have Buddy and Ford to visit, too. Tomorrow I have cat-sitting in the morning and a wedding to attend in the afternoon. My oldest daughter is in the wedding as it is her best friend since grade school that is tying the knot . I can't wait to see the ceremony.

The house smells of pumpkin bread tonight.

I made 3 loaves and a few muffins for breakfast. Just the smell of pumpkin throughout the house makes me feel that it must be Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday I will bake an apple upside-down cake for dessert along with turkey and all the trimmings. Comfort food...mmm mmm.

Mom & kits are doing great. I am just about to make some tea and pay them another visit. Annie is due for a back rub and some well-deserved attention. Tomorrow I open up more space once again for them so they can get enough exercise and learn to explore.

The weather here is perfect.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh wow...that looks amazing! Wish I had a piece right now!

  2. Maybe you can share the recipe? Hope you have a nice time at the wedding and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. MMMmmmmm! Can smell them all the way here? I usually make pies for T giving but this year I am making pumpkin whoopie pies and pumpkin ice cream.
    Enjoy the wedding (what a fabulous day)! and Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Will pop around Tuesday aft for a visit and key drop if that's OK?

  4. Deb, You are a good example of living the dream...I swear! Punkin bread AND cats. BLISS.

  5. I can smell that pumpkin bread all the way over here... It looks yummy!!!

  6. Mmm that pumpkin bread looks really jummy !
    It´s a pitty there isn´t such thing as smell-PC :)
    Have a great weekend !

  7. I could go for a toasted slice of pumpkin bread right now!

  8. Delicious pumpkin bread and beautiful Annie! We're comming over to your house!
    Whenever we think of Annie we think of what it must be like to be a grown cat and never to have known such love and care! She must be in heaven.
    My mum used to make upside down cake when I was young that was so wonderful. Might you share your recipe? We know you put thought and care into everything you serve so it's got to be delicious. Kiss Annie for us, please.
    An early Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your wonderful family. Wonder what exotic fare your daughter will have to celebrate her thanksgiving.

  9. Yum..I Love pumpkin bread too.I love any quick bread fulll of nuts....(Love cats too)

  10. Mmm pumpkin bred...I love the smell, too!