Thursday, October 13, 2011

kitty litter antics

"Holy Catfish...what a mess."Since they are now in the litter (oh my) there was litter from one end of the room to the next this morning. I think they were dive-bombing into it from the little cat-tree. I must figure out a better system today. Scooping, sweeping, replacing paper. Then breakfast is served to all four. So sweet to watch them eat with their momma. 2 cups of coffee and low and behold it's time to clean up the kitten room again. We need staff here. Oh ya...that would be me.
                                                  Bree  "I didn't do it"
But when all is said and done, I am so happy to have normal, healthy, funny, mischievious, energetic little kittens in my home.

Annie still loves to nurse them so that is usually the finale before back to sleep they go. I bought new shoes this week and they are having a blast with the shoe box. Keepin' it simple...
                                               Audrey & Nigel (front) "We saw Bree do it"

Took our 2 km walk today and found you 'cats in a window'...lame, I know.
Sometimes it's slim pickin's.Some of you remarked on how many cats are outside in our area and I have to say that you can come across a dozen cats just going for a 1/2 hour walk. I think a lot of people put them out before they leave for work and that's where they stay until the owners return. Can I just say for the record...It ticks me off and I'd like to know just how many are NOT neutered or spayed. Do you see why our shelters are full? Uh huh!

I have many homes to get to this morning for cat-care. Then I am off to print photos of the kittens to post at our local vet clinics. I haven't said too much about  prospects but there are a few in the air so hopefully I won't have to put up posters. You know me...I want to know who these kittens will eventually live with. I need to be sure they are leaving for a GREAT home. I HAVE to be sure.

My daughter, Allie is now in Peru. The third person she will travel with for the next 7 weeks is now there. He left yesterday morning to meet them in Lima. All is good! I'll sleep better now.
Maybe like these two. 
Audrey & Nigel (front)

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh those sweet little faces! It would be pretty hard to give these tiny babies heck for the mess they make. Nope...couldn't do it.

    That's good that your daughter is traveling with friends.

    Hope you are having a happy week Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. So delightful! I would so love to see a video of the kittens dive bombing the litter box from above! A great visual! You need to get you some staff! Where's that retired husband of yours?! :)

  3. Oh..kittens and puppies who can cute...I Love getting siblings...

  4. Did they develop stirpes after a year ?

  5. Wish I was closer ... I do love BREE! She'd fit in here. Look at those little fat kitty tummies!!!!!

  6. The kittens are sooo cute :)
    Me and mom loved the photon on cat´s in the window !
    Here in Sweden many people let there cat´s out when they go to work and the cat has to out all day :(
    My mom hate that too !

  7. RAOFLMBO.. yup, kittens love litter. It's why I love my litter box box.. and the door mat I got at Lowes to help pull litter off their feet.

    You do know they are also eating it.. right?

  8. we adore all the shots of those dear grey kits and wish them (and you of course) the greatest luck in the seek for their forever homes. Love Darcy and Bingley

  9. Connie - yes I know they eat it. I have wheat litter for them and I do clean off their feet when I am in the room. I will check out this litter box box you talk of. Thanks

  10. They are all so very cute! The sweet little face in the first picture is just precious. Such an innocent look.

  11. Boy, are they cute! Goodness, they could get away with anything with one look from their sweet faces. Beautiful mum, beautiful kittens.
    I happen to think that the cats in the window painting is adorable! It's lovely and beautifully done.
    Allie is one brave adventurous lady! God bless her. An adventure of a lifetime. You won't sleep well until she's returned. You can't fool us.