Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No words to describe Jeri's talent

This day so far has been 'the cat's meow'. 
Look what came to my door...

 Of course, Sierra had to get right in the action as she is normally the receiver of all packages.

This lovely gift was sent to me from Jeri at Hop-along Hollow Gazette. I was trying to think of a way to describe the talents of this great artist but I am baffled. I need you to just pop over to her blog and see for yourself.  This lady is a real treasure. She transports me to my childhood every time I look at her work.

The detail is amazing. Thank you so much Jeri for sending me these gorgeous prints. I know right where I will hang them once I finish a bit of painting. I feel honoured to receive such a fabulous gift.

Here is Jeri's blog. 
Get over there and enjoy her talent. You will need a LARGE cup of tea for this one.

Nigel is baffled by her talent, too.
"Baffled, I tell ya" 

hugs, Deb


  1. Soo Nice to meet you!
    (I am now following you too!!
    I spend MUCH time in Ont!
    My "grafted" Daughter... (my daughter's sister-in-law whom I adopted) Lives in St Catherines, and I have more DEAR FRIENDS in Niagara Falls Ont. We come over to English Country Dance a lot!
    We can see Toronto over the lake ;-)

    Yes!! We are so Blessed to be Jeri Landers art owners!! Hee!
    I just bought a puzzle by her from Amazon, I can't wait to put it together!
    Blessings and Kitty Hugs, Linnie

  2. Deb, You got em! Now you know why I wanted you to have these, fellow feline lover.
    (Oh, by the way, the white cat actually is hung with the wording on the bottom. I know it confuses people all the time. They are always turning the print this way and that trying to figure it out...sorry.)

  3. Deb, I forgot to say, you are so cute! You actually look a lot like the orange kitty!

  4. MOLMOLMOL! The 'People who live in glass houses' made me snort my soda! I had to read it twice! Priceless!

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  5. Hi Deb, what a lovely surprise, and just purrfect for your home !
    I echo your sentiments, Jeri has an awesome talent, not only with her paintings but with her homemaking and animal husbandry skills.
    Enjoy your prints, I can't wait to see where you will display them :)

  6. What a great gift! I love Jeri's art very much!!

  7. Deb those prints are soooo cute! I am going to visit her blog! hugs, Linda

  8. her work is GORGEOUS!!! I am going over there right now, they are delightful and whimsical!

  9. Oh stunning, I love her work.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Wonderful upbeat colors and the detail on the cats! I think they found the perrrfect home
    :-} Lorraine