Sunday, October 30, 2011

upping the advertising

The kittens' pictures and a write-up are now at the local vet clinics. I'm hoping this will get the word out and someone wonderful will come to see and adopt one or two. I will only put posters at the clinics because I think if people are at the vet clinic with their pet then better chance that they are good, responsible owners. I won't place ads at pet-stores.

I had a lot of interest in Nigel but for many different reasons the interest did not turn into an adoption. So, he is still available. Not one person has asked about Audrey. Surprising,  since she is the one that I thought was the prettiest of them all. Everyone sees something different. I am doing up a little write-up on the two remaining kittens and sending it up to the shelter for them to add to their website. I was hoping I would not have to do this but at least more people will see their adorable faces. Most people want kittens under 12 weeks so I only have a small window of time now.
The other lady in our town that fosters for our shelter said that adoptions have slowed right down. She still has many kittens of all different ages to adopt out. Around 20 to be exact. She, too, has posters up at the vet clinics.
Once again, a reminder that we MUST spay and neuter our cats. There are 150 at our shelter as I type this and with the cold weather here now, they are coming in fast. Many people feed outdoor stray cats all summer and do not try to coax the cat indoors. Then, winter hits and they feel sorry for it so up to the shelter it goes. They see a lot of that every year.

I think of the many that came in to the shelter the day Annie arrived with her 2 day old babies. If you remember, it was a seizure of 30 some cats and many had kittens, were pregnant or in heat. They were all from one house where they had been abandoned. No food, no water. 4 dogs were also running around in the house when the inspectors walked in. They, too,  were starved. I chose Annie as her kittens were the youngest and I knew I could commit to her.

So Annie is on the Holistic Select soft food now and she really likes it. Let's hope it does the job and she doesn't have to visit the vet. I'm sure you've noticed her pouty face. She has the look of a lost soul. I know she loves it here though. She is always purring and nudging me and prrrt'in around.

It's cool here but no snow yet. I can't believe all the people that posted about their first snow-fall. NO! Don't want it, thank you. We are emptying out the shed before winter of anything we don't need or want. That's a LOT of stuff. We need dry weather for this.
We are 'purging junk' Woo..hoo! after breakfast out, of course. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I so wish and hope for a long-lasting loving and safe home for them all. I'd scoop them all up in one go!! (Annie too!). Kittens are impossibly irresistible but I'd really wish people could see beyond an adorable face and see a beautiful soul instead. I feel so desperately for all the deserving cats and I feel so bad for the dumpster cats I feed but know I can't possbily offer a home. I'm to the brim and beyond.
    Hugs, and thanks so much for what you've done for these gorgeous "treats-thieves" :-) and Annie

  2. I wish I could take one (three is my cat limit!) I am spreading the word and I hope these lovely ones find the wonderful homes they deserve. THey are all so beautiful!!

  3. I just wish that we lived closer, then I could help out by spreading the word....

    They are all gorgeous, I hope that you find a home soon.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. They are so cute but I'm a bit far away to adopt them.


  5. My heart breaks at the thought of no one wanting Audrey or Nigel! They are beyond sweet and loving. Annie too...or is she staying with you? I am praying a home will be found. I admire you more then you will ever know.
    hugs, Linda

  6. Those kittens are so very adorable. Audrey and Nigel too. Yes, if only people would spay and neuter their animals - we wouldn't be in this fix of having so many homeless anipals. But, we're preaching to the choir - those of us read blog about animals are probably already responsible pet owners. Somehow we have to reach the general population. You are such a good person Deb. Some day there will be a special reward for you in heaven.

  7. oh I just want to scoop them up and kiss those sweet little faces..I hope they find their forever home soon..

  8. The mother and babies are so precious. I pray some people come along to give them loving homes...
    This must be so hard for you to raise them and then to part with them.."but, we can't keep every cat or kitten.

  9. Annie is so beautiful but you can see in here eyes a certain look of sadness. Our Thomas, who was abused and then thrown from an apartment building window in the inner city, had the same look. I adopted him because I had never seen a sad eyed kitty and he captured my heart. He was a love right from the start. It took about a year for him to actually believe he was safe and loved and wouldn't loose his home. It was wonderful to watch those eyes loose their sadness ( helped along by an elderly Siamese). Once Annie believes in her heart she has a forever home, her joy will shine through.