Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday shenanigans

Sunday mornings. In our town you wake to the sound of the church bells ringing and playing a hymn. It's very nice but you do shake yourself to be sure you didn't perish throughout the night.  :-(
 It's quiet other than that and you can hear the last of the geese leaving. Did you know the word SILENT and LISTEN have the same letters?

I did take time for one cuppa before arming myself in preparation of putting the kitten room back in order. Oh boy, what they can do in 8 hours. Where's Molly Maid?

But they are happy, healthy and full of beans and that's the way I like to see them. Bree always wants to be picked up but I spend the first bit of time with Annie. She stays in the background but watches and I know how much she loves to be patted and talked to so she comes first.

My oldest daughter, Jess dropped in for breakfast.

and a kitten-fix.

These 3 love company. They are all so social and lovely with everyone. So is Annie.
(photo from Just Sayin' blog)
Look how big these 3 are now. I think Annie's countin' the days.

Off for our 2km walk. This is our town hall and a very handy clock.

Have a great Sunday.
Hugs, Deb


  1. what a beautiful area you do live in. (:

  2. aaiiieeee...for a second I thought your daughter was gonna have a kitten for breakfast, hee hee!

  3. My goodness Deb, haven't they just grown into the most adorable little muffins?! I bet Annie is counting the days - dear thing (she is gorgeous!). At the moment I'm rearing an almost 3 week old kitten (found her abandoned when she was only 10 days old) - I wish I could rehome her, but there's of course no chance of that happening here. I'm so pleased you'll be able to find loving homes for Audrey, Bree and Nigel.
    xo from Greece

  4. Oh those kittens are getting bigger and cuter every day. It's going to be so hard for you to give them up when it's time for them to be adopted. Beautiful pictures of your lovely town.

  5. What a lovely and quaint town you live in - like an English country village! And such sweet little kittens - nice to wake to in the morning with the church bells!


  6. Deb..... you are totally to blame if I break down and get a kitten from our Humane Society this week......I love having an inside kitty...... , but I'm also worried with David's Alzheimer's....when I ask him again today.... he said they he thought it would be fun. We shall see.... shoot up some prayers for my 'right decision'....

  7. We have a church close to us and when I hear the church bells it is magical. To awaken to them is priceless ... I get to experience it in the summer when its not to hot out and we can leave the windows open.

    Those kitty's are tres adorable!!! Furbabies bring so much love to our lives and into our homes... Happy Sunday my friend, xo HHL

  8. oh my goodness are those the most precious little babies ever!!! I love their coloring..they are just adorable.;)give them loves for me too..I have 9 and I love!!! them.)

  9. okay I am a smitten kitten with your blog..I am in love with those wee babies you are caring for..they are just adorable..I am your newest follower..I love where you your blog;)

  10. Oh my goodness those sweet kittens are adorable! Pure joy! xoxo

  11. I would love waking up to church bells playing a hymn, but don't think they do that at 5 a.m. which is when I get up. Those kittens are so adorable!

  12. Beautiful church! And I LOVE THOSE KITTIES!

  13. Beautiful post and the kitties are so BIG! Hope you don't mind, but I used a couple of your photos on my post this morning ... giving you a little blog love. There is supposed to be a caption on each photo saying from your blog, but I guess Blogger is burping this morning and they didn't show up! Arggggghhhh.