Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lots of itty-bitty's in this post

 We were in Almonte yesterday so we couldn't leave without lunch at Robin's Nest. 

Good home-cookin'. You can watch your food being prepared from your table.

Check out this itty-bitty creamer. Delicious tea and sweet little dishes. 
nice to get real tea-cups instead of those big, honkin' white coffee mugs in most restaurants.
I stopped in at the thrift shop to see what was on their silent auction. I put a bid on a gorgeous, old bracelet. Then I spotted a couple of sweeeeeet items. I came home with them so will photograph them tomorrow. My total bill was  $3.00  (imagine) and then I ran smack dab into a girl guide cookie representative and spent $4.00 on a box of cookies. I can't save a dollar if my life depended on it and I have never been able to pass up a girl guide cookie.

More itty-bitty time.



My daughter is now in Porvenir, Equador. They are camping and will be there 3 days. Will contact us when they leave that site. I'm trying not to worry but I am her mom and it comes with the job. No one told me it gets harder as they get older and I get older. It does. They are so precious to you and you really never want them to be far from where you are.  She's far.......I worry.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love those kitty's, such sweet faces.
    I too love it when you are served with real cups and saucers, at least if you are in a restaurant or tea room, makes the tea taste better :)

  2. never tired of the kitten pictures!

  3. Tire of kittie photos? Never, ever! Darling Bree is really a tiny baby, isn't she? Does she nurse well? Is it normal for her to be so small? Is she advancing in her kitty skills as fast as the others? I know 0 about kittens.
    While I don't care for most modern restaurant mugs, I do happen to love those old fashioned, heavy, thick walled white mugs. With their slightly concave sides, they feel good in the hands; nice and sturdy and warm. When I think of tea in them, the words "bracing" and "brisk" come to mind.
    Is your daughter's trip meeting expectations? Brave girl, she is.

  4. The kitties are adorable!
    By the way Deb, my sister is 18 years old and my brother 24, and mammy feels the same every time they are travelling alone.Believe us it's normal!
    Kids grow up so fast, don't they?
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  5. I'm so in love with the wee darlings! And their mum! (well, after Mr. Ed of course. :) )
    As a mom of an 18 year old I'm glad to hear from other moms that it is harder. I thought I was just being a menopausal git. I'm happy my daughter is attending college & living with me while doing so. Since it's just us two (and has been since she was 12) we are close. Being a mom is hard. I love her every day more than the day before. Aren't they (kids) just the most magnificent things!


  6. Your itty bitty post makes me smile
    and that is a lovely thing