Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cat in window

The town is quiet mid-day when I walk Kane.

I like that.

A gorgeous cat sitting in a window.

I love that.
She brings my Maggie to mind.

I like the sound of the leaves under our feet and the cool breeze. Why can't this be our winter? I dread what's coming but I am tough....I'm Canadian after-all.
I got a post-card from my daughter and besides hiking and camping and mountain biking, they are doing some Christmas shopping in Peru. How fun would that be. I started to imagine the trinkets and the colours and the smiling faces in the markets. If you ever see a picture of the people there marketing their goods they always have huge smiles on their faces. They will like my daughter...she has a big smile, too.

I looked after Buddy and Chase today and it was so great to see them.
I miss them in between care-giving. It's time to fill the cat-bag and get busy again.

hugs, Deb


  1. That sure was a botiful kitty in that window !
    My mom say´s that she too wish that our autumns in Sweden could be the winter.
    But she believe that the winters in Sweden are pretty much the same as in Canada.

  2. Hey Deb, you are so right!! My Chumbawumba looks exactly like the foster mom here on your blog. Amazing! I call them dilute tortis but I like your term, pastel tortis better :). Purrs, Carrie

  3. The lovely white kitty is certainly a treat for the eyes.
    This is such a beautiful time of year! Although we don't have trees with turning leaves we do enjoy a respite from the blistering heat and plants do look a bit greener.
    Bet your sitee kitties enjoy you as much as you enjoy them. With your daughters big smile and a naturally happy face, people will always connect with her. Glad to hear all is well on her great adventure!

  4. Well you read my mind, THAT is what I have been saying to my husband.. and saying, "I wouldn't mind if winer was like this, winter used to be like this in England!" I am sure he is over that already! LOL.
    The cat in the window has the greatest face.
    Lorriane :-}

  5. Buddy and Chase have the same Mackeral Tabby markings as my beloved rescue cat, Zebby. The cat on the left has the same five black stripes coming down its neck towards the back.

    I so enjoy visiting your blog, and am amazed at the ages of your four feline darlings - Mr Ed especially at his youthful looking 22 (22!!!).

    Please give them all, and Hugo, and Annie and her brood each a special tickle under the chin or head/cheek scritch (whatever each prefers) from Michelle down in Wellington, NZ

    (Zebby Cat is very busy, again, soundly sleeping)

  6. Very cute cat and Buddy and Chase looks like Sudden:-)


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  8. I always love your kitty-in-the-window shots. And I feel a little sad about winter coming. I wish I'd had more fun this summer!

  9. I've looked back a few posts and see how much "kitty" you've always got going. My Husband is a big cat lover, and we have two adopted cats that our kids couldn't keep. That's enough for me. We travel quite a bit. But your kitty visitors sure are darling!