Friday, October 14, 2011

a moment's rest.

Annie was resting so I thought this would be a nice photo opportunity. She looks unimpressed but she is the most gentle, sweet little mother cat I have ever had the pleasure to get to know. She loves to be petted and sit next to you and just enjoy your company. She purrs constantly.

But, like any new mom your time is very limited to rest.Annie is being fostered from our local animal shelter for anyone who is just now looking at my blog. They were over-flowing with cats so I took in a mom and her three kits for 8 weeks. Please be rest assured that I am an advocate for spaying and neutering your cat.

I can't quite figure out how this happened or where she was.
 They just pop up everywhere. That would be Bree's butt.

If you are in the market for some Fall leaves, please contact me as I have a few more than I need. :(

I'm off to kitty-sit. Lord knows I don't have enough cats in my life ;-)
hugs, Deb


  1. Holy Cats! Your leaves remind me of my first house with three GIANT maple trees. Good thing you don't have that many kittens...

  2. Bless those babies - and how generous the Lord is to give you such radiant color in your yard to celebrate the season!

  3. Babies do not give a new Mom much of a break at all! Sweet Annie needs to grab those moments when she can! Your leaves are beautiful!
    hugs, Linda

  4. what a beautiful kitty she is with such wonderful markings!

    I am hoping her kittens still look like Cody when they grow up.

    Love the gorgeous autumn leaves! Bonfire time!

  5. No fall leaves here yet. Still green. Since Annie has a third color on her face, does that make her a calico?

  6. Deb these photos are the one with Bree's bum LOL! I also want to comment on your BEAUTIFUL red maple leaves...I'm so envious ;) I'm happy to tell you though that we just planted two Autumn Blaze Maple trees so one day we will be enjoying a sight similar to yours ...if we live that long! Think of all the wonderful decorating you could do with those beauties :)

  7. Annie is so lovely. And i love your house! We are lucky on the farm; all our leaves seem to blow away to the neighbouring field. The maples are so gorgeous.