Friday, October 14, 2011

just like mommy

Bree wants to show you something.

"Look at me....
I have all of my mommy's colours"

and she is so proud
Annie is a pastel or dilute Tortoiseshell. Her colours are grey, peachy-cream and white. To be a Calico the colours have to be separate and there would be more white. Her colours are mingled although she does have a few patches.

I moved the cat-tree. Maybe tomorrow the kitty room will be a little less messy. I hope this works. No more dive-bombers. (can you picture that)

hugs, Deb


  1. So nice to meet Annie, Bree and Nigel! Hope they find a furever home as wonderful as their foster one. They are beautiful!

    Tom & Julie

  2. What Father Tom said!
    Annie has that wistful look in her eyes. So beautiful. What can she be thinking.....
    Love your toesies, little Bree. Love you all!

  3. So cute..... makes me want to give it a big hug!
    Mama is so pretty...

  4. Bree is a beauty! I love dilute torties.