Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kittens in window

No one enjoys watching the rain more than these two little twins.

                                                      Audrey & Nigel

They are so delightful. I keep picking them up to smell their fur as it smells just like baby-powder. It always baffles me as to why it would???   Not complaining.....just hugging kittens a lot.
They love all the attention they deserve. Happy, happy kittens.

I enjoyed my visit with Bud & Chase today. They have a little trick they show me each day. They sit way up on the staircase of their beautiful log home and I toss up treats and they chase after them. It is something we do now just as I'm leaving. They don't let me forget. They expect it now. When they see me getting ready to leave they head up the stairs and sit very tall. So cute!

It was off to the book-store with Riley this morning. I had a big surprise when I arrived at her house. She says "Nana" now....perfect. And it is followed by a huge smile.
What a treasure this little one is. The apple of my eye.

Hugs, Nana Deb


  1. Sounds like grandma and Riley had a good time. Those kittens are so sweet.

  2. So sweet those two out the window - and such a precious little grand! My little one will call me Nana, too - when she starts talking!

    All over the "apple of my eye" thing, too!


  3. Enjoyed my visit so very much! Those kittens are adorable beyond words. I'd like one for each pocket! I too like how kitty fur smells, although it's been a long while since I've had the joy of smelling kitten fur. Baby powder, you say. How interesting!

    Oh... I just feel like loving on your momma cat, Annie.... Sending her lots of loving thoughts and purry hugs!

  4. That little Riley is a doll. And those two kittens? You have too much cuteness in your life! (There's NEVER too much cuteness!)
    BTW, I fixed my computer (got a new one) and now I can comment on your blog. Was some weird setting on this end...

  5. Nana Deb, you are surrounded by beautiful babes!

  6. love this happy post =)
    that photo of the kittens by the window is adorable
    and Riley is so so sweet!

  7. Brought a wee tear to my eye to hear that your Riley is saying your name. How wonderful!!
    Have a terrific weekend.

  8. wow, that picture of audrey and nigel is the cutest thing i have ever seen. i am mega jealous, i wish i could take them all home!

  9. Ya just can't get any cuter than Riley and the twins!

  10. That Riley just gets more gorgeous by the day. I can't wait until Tiger can say Grandma!! Oh such sweet kitties in the window!
    hugs, Linda

  11. They are just so cute:-)


  12. oh those baby kittens are just tooo precious.I am afraid I couldn't give them up..they are just too cute for words..and your little grandaughter is those big eyes;) have a great weekend and give those wee ones a big love for me.;)