Friday, October 28, 2011

calming down the kitty room.

You would think there were buffalo playing in that room this morning. Three maniac kittens chasing each other and flying off the bed. Annie got into it too. 
After awhile it was time to tame the beasts with a comfy cloud. First fluff it up in the dryer then present it all warm and toasty.

The kittens are now floating on a cloud.

They love their new bedding.

And it's washable....bonus!

hugs, Deb


  1. So this will calm down the wild and woolie beasties??
    I could use this for when the Winston kitty gets the crazies =)

  2. The kittens are growing fast....getting cuter everyday.

  3. The dryer heating is a great idea! I'll do a towel or two for my cats this winter as a treat.

  4. There can't be a bad picture taken of those cuties!

  5. Those are just the cutest kittens!

  6. Love the new bedding. It looks like a great mummy cat tummy! They are such beautiful kitties! Might we have some more photos of their sweet mum, but only if she doesn't mind. Kisses for all!

  7. That looks like feline dream bedding!!
    I have a housecoat make of this velvety fleece stuff, and whenever I make the mistake of leaving it on the bathroom floor or on the bed or a chair, a cat invariably snuggles up on it for a nap.

    Love my daily kitten fix!

  8. Where did you find this? My kitties would Love it!