Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weigh day (no...not me. Gawd!)

Today was weigh day. I thought since we are getting close to introducing solids we better know what they weigh beforehand.

These three little nips are so funny now. Some of my blogging friends have asked about Bree and wondered if she is very strong because of her tininess. She is strong, she is rough, she is a tumbler and she is first to the food banquet (mom). She is just a little smaller but she has filled out nicely.

First we weighed the bowl and then set it at 0. We had to be fast because they never..NEVER..stop moving. Here are their weights...
Nigel weighed the most. 15.3 ounces

Audrey wouldn't stop moving and it read 13.5. That didn't seem right.
Once she stopped squirming it settled at 14.1

And tiny little Bree weighed in at 14 ounces. I was surprised but we did it again
and it weighed the same. She is a solid little gal.

So they are all just under 1 pound. They will be 5 weeks tomorrow and in my book it says they should be approximately 1 pound at week 5. We'll weigh them again in a few days. Hope they gain that extra ounce or two.

I was off to pick up cat-sitting client's keys and visit with Ford. He is doing great without his dad but will be happy to have him home to nap with.
Ford provided me with a lovely 'Cat in Window' for you today.

As you can see we are having wonderful,  warm Fall weather. The leaves are turning and the breeze is cool. Just an absolutely A1 Day.

Heading out to vote.

Hugs, Deb


  1. They are looking so lovely and what a wrench when they have to leave. They are gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. I love those little babies! Too frigging cute for words...

  3. Me and mom just loved the picture on Nigel when he say´s noooo I don´t want to be weight ;-)
    The picture on Ford in the window is pawsome !
    Here it has not been goog weather today , it has been raining and blowing all day.
    Thank´s for the CATulations on my gotcha day , mom´s homecoming and 10.000 visitors on my blog :)

  4. They are just little handfuls of cuteness! Love cat in the window photos also.

  5. Deb, you have such a good heart! The babies are adorable. My brother now has six cats, some where to be given to good homes this past summer, but my brother became to attached!. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  6. Aw, the babies are so sweet.


    PS could you send us some of your warm air? Mombean saw snow flurries today!

  7. Babies bring weighed! You've given us some of the cutest pictures ever! We just can't believe Bree's weight! Good for her. Annie should be very proud of herself for raising such a fine and fit family. And without your help, Deb, where might this little family be? I shudder to think!

    Ford is such a handsome fellow! We bet he had a fantastic time with you.
    Give everyone our love. Hi Ed.