Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooler day & learning to be CATS

The weather has turned cool. Cats are starting to cuddle again.
These two love-birds are once again inseparable.

I have to go for a Fall walk with Kane today. The colours on the trees are calling me.
What could be more beautiful.

The Halloween decorations are everywhere. I only like the cute ones though. Like this one...
I scare too easy.

I love all the mums, the pumpkins, the leaves.
I am cat-sitting these days but seem to be blogging about other things lately. I'm caring for Buddy, Lucky, Addy & Misty this week. You'll meet them all.

I spent a good part of yesterday in the kitten room and the kittens are all now using the litter box and eating on their own. They love the same food mom is getting (Performatrin kitten) and their new toy is the water bowl. It never stops to amaze me how the instincts kick in at such an early age.

Mom is now chillin' on the bed and has requested a glass of vino.
(off web)

I really must get a 'cat tree' for the kitten room.
I brought home a tunnel for them yesterday and all they want to do is climb. ME!

hugs, Deb


  1. WOW that cat on the bench is the coolest photograph!! and that first photograph of the two furry love heads :) Your one and only dog looks like a large Sheltie! I have an adorable large sheltie too you can see him on the side bar of my bloggie.
    I just joined you as a follower though I could swear I have joined you before!

    Lorraine :-}

  2. Just so you know, a cat tree will NOT stop them from climbing you. Kittens are like lightning bolts and take the most direct route to where they want to be.. and for snuggles and kisses that is right up your leg :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Mama cat probably needs a glass of vino after all her hard work taking care of her babies.

  4. Reading your blog brings a smile to my face. How can it not with photos of cats!

  5. Beautiful Spooners! Never get tired of seeing these two gorgeous felines so attached to each other.


  6. He , He I think the cat on the bench had to much beer just like my stuffed stand-in had in Krakow :)

  7. What a heart warming photo. There is nothing better than seeing Ed and Lily together. How I love those two! Of course, I'm madly in love with Ed myself! If only I were a cat!

  8. You are going to miss those kittens when they go to their forever homes!!! :) (Says the woman who can't let go of her 12 ducklings and will soon have 16 grown ducks!)