Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I clipped teenie-weenie kitten nails this morning. Audrey put all her energy into boxing me with her back feet purring the whole time. Start 'em young, I always think. I used human clippers instead of cat clippers. I just found them to be easier to use and I could see the teeny nail better.

Now I won't come out of the kitten room with scars all over my legs and arms. Razor-sharp nails are trimmed.

The weekend is over once again. We accomplished quite a bit this weekend with our purging of unwanted items and enjoyed a nice dinner at our son & daughter-in-law's tonight. Riley showed us her mommy's pumpkins that are carved and decorated.

  She will be the wicked witch tomorrow night and she promises to scare her Nana & Gramps.


Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe and please keep your cats safe by keeping them inside your home and away from the doors.

hugs, Deb  


  1. Your daughter in law is quite artistic.
    Enjoy your little wicked witch

  2. This is cute costume ever !
    Happy Happy Halloween !!!
    any treats for me ..tee..heh

  3. Happy Halloween!
    I'm sure Riley will be terrifying, hee hee.

  4. How cute is that!! Good advice about keeping our cats safe.

  5. Those are really cool pumpkins. We make sure Mario stays in another room because he goes to the door to greet all visitors. Being dark outside, we don't want him wandering out.

  6. happy halloween as well..we put our outdoor babies away early on halloween..

  7. Hi Deb,

    Happy Halloween!!
    Oh, so much fun for the little ones!!
    Have a great night!
    All the Best,

  8. Those pumkins are amazing have a great time. I have not been able to comment for a few days as asking me to change profile, will try anon and see what happens.. Hugs GJ xx