Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh honey!

Nothing goes better with tea than honey. In my opinion.

The  honey I buy is local and organic. It is called Sweet Bee. 
Sweet Bee honey has a new look to it's jars. They fancied up the lid...very nice.

This honey is so good. 

The best in my area, anyway.

I have Annie on holistic food only now. It is called Eagle Pack Holistic Select. She is off the kitten soft food now that the babes are hardly ever nursing. This is the food I had my Ginny on because she had a sensitive tummy and this was the only food that stayed down. Since being de-wormed on Tuesday, Annie has had loose stool again so I  hope this helps.

Tired of kitten pics yet?

Please humour me.

Audrey & Nigel

have a lovely Saturday

hugs, Deb


  1. I'll have to see if I can find Eagle Pack Holistic down here in the colonies. Mr. Teddy has always had a sensitive tummy and after 7 years is getting really tired of venison and green peas (besides breaking the bank at the vet office)!!!!! I'd like to try a small amount and see how he does. I had honey in my tea yesterday and you can never have too many kitty pics.

  2. I have got to bring you a jar of my honey sometime. My fellow beekeeping assocation members think my first batch this year has a herbal, minty taste. I think the bees spend a lot of time in my herb garden, plus I have ten or twelve types of mint planted all around their hives!

    I adore today's kitty pics. THey are so very sweet. I never tire of them so keep 'em coming.

  3. I also never tire of the kitty pics...they are so sweet and growing fast. Soon they will be in new homes and no more pics... :( I agree honey is the best thing in tea. I need to find a local beekeep!

  4. Tired of kitty pix? Us? Never! Keep them comming! The kitties will soon find ther own homes and then there will be none!

    The lid from the honey jar is lovely! What nice storage containers for various small items they will be. I have never developed a taste for honey or things honey flavoured. Oops! I lied. I once had a honey caramel that was just amazing. Very soft, aromatic, seductive. Haven't ever found them again.

  5. I can't imagine being tired of kitty pictures! haha! That honey looks delish.

  6. I too love honey..with peanut butter on toast of course.;) and I never tire of your kitteh photos..they are soo stinking cute..and cuddly...have a great weekend.;)

  7. Good honey is one of life's many delights.

    I imagine that when the time comes to say goodbye to Annie and her kitts, it will be difficult. I know I will miss hearing about their adventures and seeing their darling faces. Never too many kitten pics!

  8. Yummmm.... we love honey on toast with peanut butter and on oatmeal....delicious.

    I'll miss pictures of the precious kittens when they go to their furr-ever homes.
    Keep showing us pictures of the kittens...

  9. Hmmm..... I don't know..... I think cookies go nicely with tea as well! ;)

    And no ~ never tired of kitten photos! Cute cute! They are growing fast Deb. Wonderful!

    xo Catherine

  10. Never enfuf kitten photos, and they are all as sweet as honey too.


    Julie and Poppy Q

  11. Hi Deb,

    They are so sweet, and thriving in your care!!
    Have a great weekend!
    All the Best,

  12. I've got my own kittens and I'm still here looking for kitten picts.. one can never have too many kitten picts