Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's play with kittens

Sue popped in from Just Sayin' blog. We live in the same town and have become friends through blogging and cat-sitting needs. Here's her blog...

She loves kittens and has been by to help socialize them for me. Audrey always hisses when she is first picked up by anyone but me but she eventually settles down. She is the biggest and bravest of the three.

They love their little houses and sleep in them now. Annie too.

It is raining and I am just back from walking Kane. It's almost dinner time and will be dark by 7:30pm. It takes some getting used to but Fall is here and signs are all around us.

I'll try to get you a movie of the kittens today. They are so funny now.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love their cuteness! I am surprised at how early it gets dark now! Fall is definitely here!

  2. I love the cooler days of autumn =)
    cute kitten video ~

  3. The kittens playing are adorable!! I could watch them all day.

    We are supposed to get rain here for the next 3 days. Fall is for sure in the air!!

    Happy Week to you Deb!
    xo Catherine