Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday's thoughts

I'm in the office today getting supplies ready to make some greeting cards.

 I can hear the kits running here and there in the next room. They are 'perpetual motion' and Annie lies up high on the bed and watches them crash into each other. If she could roll her eyes I think she would. Their favorite activity is to run up the plank and across the bed and fly off the end. Holy smokes!
When Bree sits on my shoulder, which has become one of her favorite hang-outs, she nibbles on my neck. She does the same thing to her mom. She is the more 'tactile' of the three, I guess. She's also the brattiest with her mommy.
Nigel is the 'bomb'. He strutsAudrey seems to be the more reserved of the three. She stares at you while you talk to her and then wants to nibble your nose. She is the first to fall asleep on your lap.

and then dive-bombs whatever is in his path.

Their personalities are so evident now. They are nearly 7 weeks old and at 8 weeks I will be taking them to the shelter. They will have their first vaccinations and be checked over. It is then up to me to either leave them there to be adopted or bring them  home and work like blazes to find them the perfect home. I have a few 'very interested' prospects. Annie will come with them as I would not leave her alone at home without the kittens. She just may trash the cat-room looking for them. I have a lot of decisions to make on this families behalf. This is not easy. It's the stuff that keeps me awake at night.

I mentioned I am caring for 2 cats that are hiding under the bed in their home. A little progress yesterday as one of them is now out and joins me in the kitchen as I prepare the meals for them. That makes me happy. I don't expect the other one will follow suit but it sure would be nice.

The 3 that are in the other home who do not get along are tolerating each other as their owners travel. No fights but a lot of hissing as I get their meals ready and try to socialize them with each other. Hissing is ok; bloody attacks are not. So good.

I recommend Femalt gel to help your cat rid it's stomach of hair which eventually becomes hair-balls. It can be purchased at most pet stores.

Check out my give-away. Winner will be announced tonight.

hugs, Deb 


  1. I'll have to look for that anti hair ball stuff. my kids get alot of them even with my brushing often. Those kittens are so cute, I wish I had room for a whole batch myself. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. The kittens are soo very sweet, and it must break your heart to consider them having to go back. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they and Miss Annie find fantastic family homes.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Hugo so reminds me of my Zebby Cat here - although I think Hugo is awake for longer each day than Zeb manages.

    And thank you for sharing Annie and the kittens - Annie's loving nature and purr-ability is so like my rescued Zeb who often purrs himself or me to sleep. Not so gentle is his "whack My human in the face" wake up call!

    Sending huggles, Michelle (with gentle feline snoring from the next room)

  4. You have a choice to make for sure and it will be so hard for you. You have done a brilliant job with them and should be proud of that. I hope they find loving homes. That hairball stickie syuff looks like the catalax that I have to take now. Hugs GJ xx

  5. I think the kitties will be fine but Annie will long for her home; a home she always wanted and now will loose. Very Sad.
    Hugo looks like he could easily talk to us! Those big green saucers! Goodness!
    I do think you will win over that second cat. It may come on the last day at the last moment, but it will come.