Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stretching yourself too thin

Before leaving the shelter with the 3 babes and mom in their crate, I was told the kittens and Annie looked wonderful. So healthy. Then I was asked if I could take more home to foster. I quickly declined and said my hands were full for now (no exaggeration) and headed out the door. They are at their limit and I understand the need for foster homes.  I really hope that more people will try it. It's a good experience and I know that every cat is worth it.

It was only this morning that I started thinking about how little time I have spent with my own 4 cats since the kittens and Annie arrived. Lily has taken up sleeping with me at night just to get some time in and Sierra keeps my husband pinned to the couch while he tries to watch tv. Cali is in my face 'cause she's just like that and darling Ed has taken to stretching out near the wood-stove and sleeping most of the day. He is 22 years old, Cali will be 18 in November, Lily is 16 this year and Sierra is now a senior too. I won't have them much longer. Hugo is a loner and spends his day on the deck so he doesn't even notice a difference. He will soon be going to his own home as soon as my daughter's renovations are done.  They all need nail-clipping. (note to self)  Then there is Kane. He is my shadow and enjoys the ride. My cat-sitting business takes up a lot of my day during the busy months and starting this weekend I am busy again. So I am at my limit for animals in my life.
Annie still enjoys the kittens but really needs her space now.
Audrey & Annie
I have made 3 spots for her to get up on that the kittens can't reach but the sun can. 

She likes that. I understand. Sometimes I need my own space, too.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb...I certainly understand how you're feeling. It's wonderful to help out when you can but your own pets need your love and attention plus you need to take some time for YOU. I hope you'll do that.
    Maura X

  2. Hello there lovely lady,

    My oh my, but you are a most generous and loving cat loving person!.., I adore cats as well and have my share of rescuing many a kitty over the years. ~ I do realize however that sadly we all must know when we are stretched to our maximum limit. ~ Your own wonderful kitties, though elderly, sound charming and the new mommy and kitties are just adorable!

    I'm sure she does appreciate that sunny respite away from the kittens. ~ Thanks for such marvelous and heartwarming inspiration!

    Thanks also so very much for joining us for Tea.~ We always love having you partake!

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  3. Hi Deb,

    What a busy time for you! I bet the days and weeks just fly by at your home...
    I can't believe where does all the time go?
    Have a great rest of the week!
    Have a cup of tea for me!!
    All the Best,

  4. Deb you most certainly have your hands full. You are such a great Foster Mom and I know this has been a lot of work! They are all so healthy and I hope you find new homes for them soon. hugs, Linda

  5. You are very kind to the animals and the humans alike. Thanks for being such an awesome caring person. And yes, you certainly need to be looking out for you too!

  6. I think my mama duck is feeling the same. Sometimes she wants to hang out with the adults instead of that pack of clingy babies!

    You've done a magnificent job fostering this bunch. :)

  7. What lovely beauties they are, they are sure to find homes. I just took a look below at your lovely town, what a charming place it is!

    Did you get your present yet?

  8. I know what you mean. I often feel torn between spending time with my own crew and fosters. But then I remember after spending 10 minutes with either, they both turn their backs on me and go off doing something else. So I have come to believe the guilt they give me when I first enter a room is just their way of saying "welcome".

    I would have had a very hard time saying no to additional fosters. I've turned a bathroom into a foster room before when the kitten room has been full, but it sure does make it hard to get everyone the love they want and need.