Saturday, October 15, 2011

the ugly duckling

We were out at our property today so had to pass by the Richmond Bakery again. Did we stop? Of course.

I am caring this weekend for 2 cats that are hiding under a bed. In another home 3 cats that don't get along. It is a challenging time for this cat-sitter so I deserve a doughnut.

Kane and I went for our 2 km walk this afternoon (remember that doughnut?)and we passed by one of my most favorite homes in our little town. Let me tell you what I know about this house. When my kids were young this house was a dilapidated, white frame house that was used as rental property. There was no landscaping to speak of and the paint was peeling off the frame. There was a family living there that had many young kids and no interest in fixing it up. As a matter of fact, one of the kids set fire to the inside of the house and it then needed to be gutted. Nice!
This house sat empty for years and I would walk by and could still see the damage from the fire. I thought how sad for a house to end up like that. I knew it had great potential.
THEN....a very creative couple came along and could see a BRIGHT future for this house. Here it is today..

They added the side entrance and garage and then worked their magic to make this one of the most beautiful homes in our town.
Every time I walk by I think of the transformation and I am so happy to see it look so gorgeous.

Now, if only they had a cat in the window.

These three are enjoying their new little house.

hugs, Deb


  1. That house and the landscaping should be in a magazine, Deb! Isn't it wonderful that once it was destroyed and now it's a phoenix risen from the ashes?

  2. What a great story! The house is adorable and it would be one I would pass and wish I could help it, too. They did an outstanding job...

    Yeah..cats..I have sat for cats like that too..a real have to feel bad for them that they are that scared. We dog sat last weekend and our own cats went into caves and one of them it took several days AFTER the dog was gone for him to come out..have to say it was a very strong smelling dog..sweetheart though.. Poor babies..

  3. Gorgeous home with lovely landscaping. This house is really loved by it's owners, that's obvious. And it's easy, really easy to see why. Kiss the kitties and there elegant mum. I wish I could cuddle them.. Or Ed!!!!!!

  4. Really that house is the limit. What fantastic paint colors they picked. It makes me happy just to look at it. Thanks for showing it...

  5. Deb, thanks for Poppys birthday wishes. We have been reading about sweet Annie and the babies every day, but haven't been able to comment. It makes us select a profile and won't save any of the comments we have tried to make.

    Smooches to you and all the sweet babies.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. It looks great but I agree, a cat in the window would be a nice touch! What a transformation!

  7. It's nice to see a wonderful old home restored, isn't it? So pretty! Your babies are getting so big. I will miss them when they go. Are you SURE you want to part with them? lol Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  8. I love your posts and news.
    Have a great week!!!

  9. They did a really good job. It is so nice when people can see the potential and are willing to do the work..

  10. What a wonderful post Deb. I love old homes with character and this one certainly has lots of it. Thank heaven's for people like this creative couple who were able to see past the neglect and damage and realized her potential...they did a beautiful job! Aww the kittens look so comfortable in their new abode. Seeing the carpet makes me think of Henry who along with his sister Dora loved the bathroom throw rugs so much they would 'suck' on them and purr and 'knead bread'. To this day (at 6 months old) he still does the same thing. I need to find out if his sister does that at her new home :) Enjoy your Sunday!
    Maura :)

  11. That house is gorgeous, as are your little kitties!