Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Warm & Cozy Give-away

I am late with this. These 3 fostered kittens & their mom have kept me very busy
but I have not forgotten to have a give-away because of my 200th follower. First off, "welcome" to all the new followers and thank you for following along with Just Cats. I guess you have noticed it is a bit more than Just Cats but you'd better love cats to spend time here and maybe even enjoy a good cup of tea.

With the beautiful Fall weather here I thought it would be nice to give away a warm and cozy scarf. There is a little shop in our town called The Wool Growers

and I do a lot of shopping there. I saw this

and thought of YOU. It is machine washable and dryer safe. It would go beautiful with blue, rose, peach or purple. It is soft and would be gorgeous with a jacket.
Of course, there will be a little something for your cat along with this scarf but we will keep that as a surprise for kitty.

So go ahead...dazzle me with a comment *grin* and become a follower if you have been holding back. That's all it takes to get me to throw your name in the hat. Good Luck everyone. Draw is Tuesday at 6pm.
"Bet you thought that warm & cozy give-away was me...right!"


I have been asked many times by people who are about to adopt a cat "Do long-haired cats shed more than short-haired cats?"
I can answer that,  no problem.
Long-haired cats shed long hair...short-haired cats shed short hair. In the end, you just have lots of hair to vacuum up whether it is short or long. I personally do not see any difference.
Shedding is related to the light-dark cycle. Cats shed in the spring to rid themselves of the winter coat and they shed in the fall to prepare for the thicker, warmer coat.
Shedding happens.
I always try to comb the cats more often in the Fall (that includes the dog, too) so their coats are in good condition for the winter. The winter coat is naturally going to be thicker so prepare to groom more and purchase a comb to rid the bloomers of tangles.

When I want to really relax I comb my cats. You can lose yourself in it and time will pass quickly. That is, if the cat enjoys it. If not, it can be quite a chore. Buy a proper comb so you do not pull the hair while grooming. The comb should have wide teeth. Always start at the head and work your way to the tail. Hopefully, kitty will be very relaxed half way through and it will be enjoyable for both of you.

hugs, Deb


  1. beautiful scarf :)

    I find that my long haired cats appear to shed less. I don't think that they do, but i think that they ingest more of it. My short haired cats tend to be the ones that has the fur gets all over everything

  2. My short hairs shed more, too. That scarf is so beautiful and would look so great around my neck! Please throw my name in the cat hat for me. Thanks! 8^)

  3. Such good taste in scarves, Deb!
    I have so much fur at my house I'v given up on who sheds what, where. ;-)

  4. I have noticed that there seems to be less cat hair around the house since our Cliffy (Himalayan, therefore long white hair) crossed the 'rainbow bridge'. Our two cats currently living with us are there is a tip-chose a dark colored cat if you are bothered by cat hair! LOL
    Our cats always hated being brushed, especially Cliffy. Once day we tried using an old hair brush and it was magic! Cliff never had another matt...and Bob the cat starts purring as soon as he sees us pick the brush up!
    So nice of you to have a give away. I do enjoy your writing and foster kittens so much! Hugs, Lee

  5. Hello Deb!
    Awww Bree is such a sweetheart...I just want to snuggle with her. CONGRATS on your 204th have such a warm and inviting blog that it's not hard to understand why people love to come back and visit again. What a wonderful give away and the colours are perfect...I agree that you have great taste! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Indian Summer weekend up there in Ontario. Enjoy your day and please give your kitties a 'scritch' for me!
    Maura :)
    Maura :)

  6. Such a pretty scarf...just lovely:)

    I would take Bree in a minute but my cats would not be very happy with me.

    My cats seem to shed all year round...LOL They both love getting brushed and combed but they still shed...oh well:)

  7. That little head tilt from Bree is so cute =)
    Scarves are my Achilles heel --my sisters like to tease me about my coat rack of scarves.
    My Winston kitty fought me over brushing at first =( I tried this blue brush called Zoom Groom, which he loves, but it doesn't do a great job of knots. I guess I need to start slowly, though

  8. Just use the Furminator, get the hair out.....and they don't hardly shed at all!!!!
    Those kittens are the sweetest.

  9. I would love to see little Bree come wrapped in that scarf to me! This scarf is lovely and yes it will be cool even here in the South soon! hugs, Linda

  10. Dear Deb, I'm a fan of brushing : )
    Nice feeling when human do thing for me ! I always purrs : )
    Have a great day

  11. What a gorgeous scarf! Thank you for the generous giveaway! The kittens continue to be adorable.


  12. I love the shedding tips, will pass them onto other cat lovers in my building. And use them myself of course.

    What a gorgeous scarf, you are very lucky to have such a cute shop nearby.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. The kittens are adorable, but I think Annie is the most beautifull mommy cat.

    I would love to visit this store someday. Please enter my name for the giveaway.

    My cats have just grown in their winter coats - they're Russian blues and quite plush now - and thankfully the shedding has slowed down.

  14. That scarf is fabulous, what good taste you have. The shedding info is good too because as you know I have a problem with the fur. My problem is that I will happily let them brush the top but no way the tummy. Sorry for missing the last couple posts but its been pretty hairy here.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. Oh I love that Wool Growers place! I've been there twice, but not since around 2007. must go back!

  16. Such a pretty scarf !
    No Bree I didn´t think that the cosy give away was you. Your nice bean would never send you of in a parcel !
    About cathair : It´s depend on what color you have on your clothes not if it´s long or short cathair !
    Before me here lived a black cat = no cathair that you could see on the black clothes.
    Now I live here and I´m mostly white = Mom and dad are walking around and look like Polarbears :)

  17. Hi Deb,
    what beautiful cats you have. The little kitty would make a real warm and cozy giveaway. Such a cutie pie. That is so nice that you foster them. Thank you for sharing this cute photos.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Oh, yes! I thought you'd send Bree to me! :D :D The scarf is very pretty and thanks for the chance!

  19. Congratulations on 200 plus followers!!! The scarf is beautiful -- and so are the cats! Kudos to you for fostering! We only have Kitten at our house and she keeps us in line and busy. Poor thing came to us at several years old with no name -- and she steadfastly refuses to answer to any! Or maybe that's because she's the cat!