Friday, October 21, 2011

No cat in sight

I baked pumpkin muffins tonight.

My pumpkin loaves went over well at Thanksgiving so thought I'd make muffins with the same recipe.
Nothing smells better than pumpkin 'anything' baking in the oven. I always use organic free-range brown eggs when I bake. It just makes everything taste better (REALLY) and no one can convince me that they don't.

                                               "she's not impressed"
On our walk this afternoon I passed by a house that usually has a little grey cat sleeping in the porch chair. That cat has probably run for the hills because look at the porch and property today...
OK're creeping me out.

No cat in sight. I don't blame him.  I scare easily, too.

Annie and kittens had a visitor again today. Sue from Just Sayin' blog dropped by to get her kitten fix. I'd say she has a knack with kittens. What do you think?

Drop by and say "hi" to Sue.

Seriously, she says she dropped by for a visit but I don't think she even noticed me in the room. :-)

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh goodness Deb I can just imagine how good those muffins smell and taste! I haven't seen Robin Hood flour for years...wish we could get it here. That's nice that you have a fellow blogger living so close...and she loves cats too! I'll have to stop over to visit Sue's Blog. Enjoy your weekend!
    Maura :)

  2. Lucky SUe getting some quality kitten time! And as for eggs, I think organic, free-range makes all the difference. I fee lucky to have my own hens and everyone comments on how much better our eggs taste than the stuff you get in the grocery store.

  3. Catching up form my travels and it sure looks like there are good smells going on at your house. I may have to make something pumpkin this weekend (I had cooking withdrawal while I was away) or this week for sure. I love Halloween, but that's pretty spooky!