Saturday, October 22, 2011

just a dimple would do

It's another dark and over-cast day today but the rain has stopped.
I have plans to do more purging today of things I don't use anymore nor want in my home.

I stand in the kitten room, that was once a bedroom, and imagine it freshly painted with the carpet GONE and beautifully decorated.  I have big plans for this room. That will happen over the winter. Right now I am happy I was able to find a space for them when it was needed. The timing was good.

It has been a wonderful time caring for this little family.
They have worried me,then made me laugh with all the antics, caused sleepless nights and brought joy to my heart.

But it's about to end soon, I'm sure.  As I find good homes for them, they will one by one head off to their new homes where they will be greatly welcomed. 
I think about how different Bree is to Audrey and Nigel.
She is a spit-fire and yet needs to be close to you and nibble on your face.
 She is colourful, teeny, fragile and struts around like she has springs on her paws and looks up at you with the innocence of a child.
She looks so different from the two that boggle me with similarities.

I cannot tell them apart until I look them straight in the eyes or check out their privates.
They are identical and hang out like pals as if they know it. They are a mirror image of each other. I looked them over last night again for one noticeable difference and there was nothing. 

If only one had a dimple. :-)

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb
    My English is not so good.I understand the kittens are all 3 adopted? and what abouth Annie ,she is so cute.I hope she will find a good home to ,that little mommy cat deserve a good home ,and i know you wil do al you can to find that for her
    X Elisabeth

  2. I just popped in from The Writer's Reverie... and I'm so glad I did. You love kitties... me too!

    I have to dash... even have my coat on already, but thought I'd squeeze in a moment for blog visits.... But I'll be back...

    Wishing you and your purr-fect companions the BEST kind of day......

  3. PS.. I see you're a fellow Canadian... I'm from Alberta. So double lovely to meet you. I just shared your link with a friend who is owns and runs an in-house pet sitting business.

    (Okay... now I'm really on my way to get errands done... LOL).....

  4. Deb, the kittens are precious. Beautiful innocent babies . I can never figure out how anyone could not love furry little purring balls of love. I wanted to let you know that the Himalayan that we rescued is still keeping her distance from us although she doesn't run away when we speak to her. She now slowly walks away - back up the stairs to her little nest in the spare room. I sat in that room today and put a plate of her favorite treat down between us. I spoke to her for about 20 minutes while she came forwared, ate, washed and then backed away and just ignored me LOL. Progress? A little I suppose. I just want to pick her up and hug her, but she hasn't give me a chance. Any suggestions??
    Thanks, Jean

  5. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one person would want to take the twins......
    Precious little family.

  6. Awww the three of them are just so sweet, and as deliscious looking as those muffins. They are lucky to have such a good start in life with you Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. You sure are going to miss them when they're gone, just as I'm going to miss the posts about them. But look how healthy and beautiful they are! YOu've done a great job fostering them and their mummy. :)

  8. They are so dear! Oh, I wish I lived closer to where you are -- but maybe it's a good thing I don't! Gyp is not in a time sharing mood these days!

  9. will so miss watching them grow, have to say I am sorry to see them go :(

  10. I just found this blog today april 27 2014~ awwww Audrey looks like the cutest itty bitty kitty, she is just adorable, I know why you had to keep and smooches to the sweetest itty bitty kitteh Miss Audrey, I follow your blog daily and find you absolutely wonderful and fascinating and charming, I love you love tea, my favorite beverage, your love of all pottery, paintings and artsy stuff and the fact you take good care of your kitteh cats you watch and wonderful family to boot, that lovely babydoll Gynith(Gynn) and Bailey so cute and Riley even cuter is outstanding..Hoping the spring will finally spring for you and that your area will get some sunshine soon, ciao from the pacific northwest and a loyal daily blog follower....X()X()X()X()