Saturday, October 29, 2011


They have found the curtains. Oh glory be......

The instigator
and her side-kick, Nigel. "No, I'm Audrey."   "No you're not." 
were hanging upside-down half way up the curtain on my closet and swinging.

Tonight I decided to sit quietly in a corner and watch to see all the shenanigans that go on whilst I am busy. Oh boy! They are the 3 Stooges reincarnated.

So after I tied up the curtains, I crawled around to see what else they might get into (are you picturing this...sad eh!) and discovered one more thing I had over-looked the first time I did this. If they bounce from the bed onto the wicker chest then fly up to the top level of  the cat-tree,  then one more leap will take them to the top of a book-case where I have a basket full of cat treats. Now, if they chew on the bags long enough, and remember they have all night, then they could eat all the bags of treats and then *explode*.  So I have put them away in a safe place.

This is one of the more exciting Saturday nights at the Steckly residence. "Good-night"

hugs, Deb


  1. LOL! Never a dull moment and just look at those little innocent faces!!!!!!!!!

  2. ha ha ha! Video! You guys really know how to pawty at your house...

  3. How lucky can a person get :)
    What little darlings they are.
    Enjoy your Saturday evening, their like a can of worms !

  4. There's nothing cuter than happy kittens!

  5. what little stinkers..our little stewie does the same thing leaps off the cat tree onto the couch like he's a flying squirrel or something..he goes 90 miles an hour running every where..he is a little blur..kittehs..ya gotta love em.;)

  6. =) furry hooligans
    it's good that you are NOT bored ;)
    thanks for the daily kitten fix!

  7. Curtains are the best! But be warned my little houligans, kittie claws can become tangled and twisted and even permanently injured so you listen to your Auntie Deb & steer clear! Oh, and you can haz all the treats you wantz if you just look at her the *right* way. Promise.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan