Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A frosty, frigid week ahead.

We are all craving sunshine and the smell of fresh Spring air.
January and February are long months to endure and any day that gives us warm sun and a calm breeze is welcomed. Sadly, this will be a week of frigid cold temperatures and bitter winds but we will have sun.
 So, what can make it all seem better on these frosty, cold days?

I suppose a nap in a favorite box would be ok. Annie certainly thinks so.

Or cuddlin' up with a friend and dreaming of summer days on the deck would do nicely.

How about a cup of tea, a new book and a treat? 

I think that will have to do.
The sun poured through my dining-room windows today and bathed my African Violets.
I have one beautiful one, one waiting to flower and one pathetic little heap sitting in the center of the table.

Someone else has discovered the sun-puddle and wants to share with the violets.

She has an uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere. 
She likes the hairy leaves and thinks a cat hair or two would just improve their look.

I have just discovered I love violets. 
I'm going to pamper these just like I pamper the cats.

And just as the cats comfort me with their melodic purr
So shall these plants with their beautiful blooms.

Audrey just left. She can't take all the gush.

This photo makes me long for summer...
Tasha Tudor and her constant companion, Minou.

Stay warm my Canadian friends
Spring is only 57 days away.
"WHAT!!!...too long."
hugs, Deb


  1. 57 days!!! Oh well...what are you gonna do, eh Deb?
    I know....enjoy the Violets....the cats...the tea..[had one myself}...and the treat!
    Oh yes....and the beautiful sunshine!♥️
    Sunny here as well....
    Enjoy the rest of your day...
    Linda :o)

  2. Well the sun is shining but it's doing nothing to warm us up.The cats are hogging the usual. 57 days you say?
    I'm countiiiiiiiing....
    Jane x

  3. YAY!! 57 days .
    I'm with the cats --- find any sun puddles you can. Or any incandescent lighting you can find ....... that's what my Miss Lucky is doing. I haven't told her that these bulbs are going away. She will be most unhappy. I am thinking of getting a supply just for her lamp =^..^= Love the pic of Annie's smooched face.

  4. My friend Tammy LOVES your blog, almost as much as she loves Tasha Tudor. I know she will love that photo. Tammy's a loyal reader now. :)

    Love that pic of Annie snoozing in the box!

  5. Such precious photos. I love African violets and have another blog friend in IA who grows them. Enjoy your book and stay warm.

  6. Such sweet photos! Is Annie sleeping in a box marked "Sierra's Box"? Audrey looks so funny lurking around the violets. :-)

    1. Ha! Funny that you noticed. Yes, Sierra always slept in that box so I wrote her name on it. Now Annie wants it and Sierra has taken to another one. Cats!!

  7. That's if spring follows the Solstice calendar...we've been known to have winter all the way through July!!! Of course...right now...we're still experiencing early fall/late spring weather so God only knows when our Winter will start, or our Spring!!!

  8. As always Deb, these are such lovely photos. I am such a fan of Tasha Tudor also. What a gentle soul she was. let's just think springtime, shall we?

  9. Love all the cats cuddled up. I saw Annie in 'Sierras' box' and it made me smile. They do swap out don't they. Love your violets. Cuddle up and stay warm!
    hugs, LInda

  10. It's definitely bundle up in layers weather!

    Audrey looks quite dramatic in that first pic!