Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brave, bold, beautiful & "bundle up"

Someone was woken from a very comfy snooze today.
Surprisingly, she did not head for the hills when she saw what all the noise was.
She stayed to figure out this wee human that has been showing up at her house lately.

                                  "So, what can YOU do for ME? "was her first thought, I'm sure.
This is where you would normally find her when a stranger entered. Safely tucked away in one of her hidey-holes.

Audrey is 'maturing' in many ways this year and one is that she is not so afraid of strangers; even little ones. I'm sure she would run for the hills if the baby made an unexpected LOUD noise but if Gwyn is happy and is Audrey. Attagirl!

My feeders are being used only by squirrels on these very cold days. They are enjoying the fruit (although it is frozen) and the nuts. The suet sits untouched. I am in the market for a bird-house that holds the suet, too, like I have seen on some blogs. Smart idea. Today I put out the third apple in my apple feeder.

I'm glad that I am forced out the door these frigid days or I would find projects in the house and stay put. Of course, that is not the healthiest thing to do for too long but again...very smart at -20C. We bundled up and managed a walk with our old dog, Kane and then he curled up in front of the wood-stove and snoozed the afternoon away.

I fear for our wild-life (ferals included) as they are not getting any reprieve from this miserably cold weather. How does anything survive out there? I have not missed a night to place food for the feral cats and plenty of it. It is all gone the next day. For all I know, I am feeding other animals, too,  but I don't care at this point. Everything is starving. That is something that feels heavy at times.

Time to bring out the pretty china.

My favorite tea on a cold day lately is English Breakfast Tea. It is so refreshing and only needs a touch of milk to make it perfect.
I suppose if it wasn't for this cold snap I would never pick up my knitting so for that I am happy. I'm knitting a blanket for my grand-daughter's doll bed. She's a pink lover. Easy as pie. Oh....pie. Now that would be good with this tea. ;-) but a berry scone will do.

Stay warm, get at some of those forgotten projects inside that have been knawing at you lately and please help feed the wild-life if you can.

hugs, Deb


  1. We are feeding a jack rabbit (along with the usual outdoor crew).Gwendoline sits by the window and watches for him. As you say, all are really hungry right now.
    Jane x

  2. Audrey and Gwyn will be great friends on of these days. Gwyn is so very petite.
    Your china is lovely and I love your knitting colors. Thanks for feeding the ferals; the cold just keeps hanging on.

  3. Love the picture of Audrey and Gwyn checking each other out. The one of Audrey peeking out from under the blanket is priceless.
    I wonder too how the creatures outside survive in this relentless cold. I'm so afraid our ferals will all have frostbitten ears or worse. We have an insulated box for them on the porch but not all use it. I hope they are finding other places to snuggle up together.

  4. That is awesome that Audrey stayed to visit with Gwyn! Gwyn might be the child she "grows up with" and who teaches her little ones can be sweet company! I hope so for both of them.

    I hope you get a break in the cold weather soon. Blessings upon you as you make your rounds to the cat clients and the ferals.

    Lily, WA, USA

  5. Good for Audrey!

    Kane knows the value of a good warm wood stove on a day like this...

  6. Gwyn and Audrey.....♥️
    Filled my feeders again today....snowing and blowing....
    Tea and scone look delicious....
    Enjoy your week ahead....
    Linda :o)

  7. Hi Deb,
    I worry too about our wildlife but for a different reason. While you are braving frigid temperatures, we have been experiencing a 500 year drought. Thirsty animals are seeking water. I have been leaving bowls out and they are drained in minutes.

  8. I love the expression on Gwyn's face as she gazes at Audrey. :-) I hope they will be fast friends.

    I'm worried about the animals out in the cold, too. Not everyone around here keeps their dogs and cats indoors.

  9. I love seeing Audrey so accepting--she feels secure in her position:-D That scone sure looks good! XOXO

  10. Only one of my formerly feral cats will come out for company. In fact, Clara Jane thrives on it. Whether the company is as thrilled when she jumps on the table is another story. I made stock today and took all the discard and put it back by the river. I'm sure it was gone in no time. The chicken run is full of birds each day snacking on the scratch and some of the birds go into the coop and help themselves to lay mash. I found a little mouse frozen to death in the yard today so I guess I had better step up my efforts.

  11. Each time you post a new image of Audrey I think, 'this is THE one.' You've done it again today. She has such personality and your camera loves her. Great news she is becoming a mature lady and enjoying new people. We too are feeding all and sundry outside and worrying about the ferals. We are just wet, you are sooooo cold with it. x

  12. English Breakfast is our standard tea in this house. Tom loves Earl Grey.

  13. Did you ever think that Audrey senses something in Gwyn that
    allows her to feel comfortable in Gwyn's presence. Maybe a gentleness or calmness in her nature. Perhaps, Gwyn has inherited her gran's way with cats! Wouldn't that be wonderful!
    A blessing , indeed.

  14. Time to fill my suet feeders, too, and cut up the less than juicy clementines and share them with the critters. Lizzie is missing them but the snow has been too deep to venture out there. Well, I must.

    Purr Girl is sitting by the computer sleeping off a hard night of sleeping and purring like a motorboat. Don't you just love 'em? I want to pet her -- and I don't want to disturb her! She's grown up in the past year, too -- more sociable, as Audrey is becoming. When my house guest came, she actually came out to greet her and has been circulating. It's fun to see that change! Lovely post and look into your day! Have a good one.

  15. Oh Deb! That is the prettiest tea cup ever! Adorable pictures!

  16. Love the photo of the knitting with the blue and white cup and saucer :)

  17. i've been working on knitting as weater for Gordon. I have way too much yarn in my stash,