Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Tea-cup/ Little Lily

Last night the wind was howling at the office window. I can't believe what I am hearing on the news about the weather conditions everywhere. What is going on? The craziest was hearing that Hawaii was below freezing today. Is that not absurd? Mauna Kea was at -6 this afternoon.  There is record breaking weather all across the States and most of Canada is in a deep-freeze with temperatures much below normal. But then, you know all this. I'm just a bit gobsmacked by it all.

Geez........I think I will buy myself some flowers. Maybe some daisies.

I have a gift from Christmas that I wanted to show you. My new tea-cup for those days when one cup just won't do.  Haha!
 Like today, for instance. It is still very cold but it is about to warm up enough to get out there and enjoy the winter. Finally.

Actually, it's a planter and I love it's colour. I am picturing apricot pansies living in it this Spring.

Our Lily is doing well although some days I feel her loss. She has become more of a lap cat and loves to lie on the back of the sofa in the sun. That was something Ed loved to do. She is happiest when the home fires are burning and she is kept as warm as toast. She enjoys her meals, her teenie saucer of milk and her treats of freeze-dried chicken. She is part of the gang and is found often cuddled up with the others. Life is getting better each day for little Lily.

So how about dropping over to Jan's at to see all the beautiful blogs joining in for the Share Your Cup Thursday party. You'll be glad you did.
hugs, Deb


  1. The planter is perfect for you!
    Jane x

  2. Nothing like a big cuppa tea and some pretty flowers to ward off the winter blahs ! This weather has been crazy .Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. That picture of wee her a-dor-a-ble♥
    Love your cup/planter....
    Thought you were getting daisies the other day...?
    My daughter brought me 2 huge bunches of Alstroemeria...yellow♥
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  4. That is quite the "tea cup" =)
    Hugs to you , Miss Lily. Stay warm!

  5. I couldn't quite wrap my head around that first picture! LOL! Ya got me! I had a guest over today who had never seen my cat and he was astounded at how BIG he was! He is mostly white and has been lying around like yours. I may have to blog some pictures I took!

  6. Love to hear that Lily is adjusting. Something that those of us with life partners will have to do eventually. My daughter lives and works in Chicago and it was -26 yesterday morning. Where's global warming???

  7. Love the teacup planter and the color will be gorgeous with apricot pansies. It was -16 Fahrenheit (-27 Celsius) here in Iowa one night with a wind chill of-45F (-43C). Your mention of pansies makes me happily think of Spring. So glad Lily is doing well. She is so pretty.

  8. My kind of tea
    It will be lovely planted in the spring with your apricot pansies, so sweet.
    Sorry to read that Lily is sad, give her a scritchy-scratch for me.

  9. I was imagining you actually drinking the tea in that enormous teacup...but if you do you might consider sticking close to the bathroom. :) It is a beautiful planter, I love the color.

    Poor Lily. I think she is doing what we all should in times of great loss, resting and soaking up the love of hearth & home. We take for granted the benefits our home has to offer in healing the soul and forget that a simple cuddle and snuggle are often the best things we can offer those suffering great loss. Oh, also a cup of hot tea and a cookie.

  10. A big cup of pansies! What could be more delightful after a cold, hard winter.
    Relieved, we are, to know Lily is
    coping with her loss. Poster Kathy B
    said it perfectly.

  11. That is a beautiful teacup planter!! So glad Lily is doing well this winter. She is such a lovely girl. I'm partial white cats (and those who have a little grey on their white parts :)
    I'm in the South here and this cold weather has been really amazing. The whole country frozen for a day...BRRR! Hugs, Linda

  12. Oh Deb, I want to lay and bask in the sun like that kitty! It's blowing blizzard snow here as I type. Crazy weather is right! Love the new cup (planter) .lol! It is the prettiest shade of blue. Can't wait till we have flowers popping up outside! Pansies are one of my Spring favorites. Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.

  13. Hugs to sweet Lily! I am glad to hear she is coping well without Mr. Ed to be with.

    I hope your weather warms some soon!

    Lily, WA, USA

  14. I think pansies will look wonderful in your new teacup planter. Lovely, lovely Lily. Glad to hear she is doing well. My trees are still up, but everything that was outside is down and stored.

  15. A hug to Lily.

    That is a tea cup of tea cups!

    And what struck me about that deep freeze? At one point Atlanta was colder than Anchorage.