Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Her cat, Hugo.

Chocolate sundae paws.
For your viewing pleasure
(my kitty-client Molly)

Frost-bite warning was out again yesterday. Thankfully the temperature will rise a bit for a few days. -6C will feel absolutely balmy.

Our Gwyn knows how to stay warm and toasty in her bumper seat, on a quilt, in her cozy sleeper playing with her cat, Hugo.

I see a future cat-lover in our family. And cats love her, too.
Hugo is the sweetest cat on this earth so he is a wonderful 'first' cat for a baby.
A Gentle Lion
He is diabetic but doing very well on a proper diet along with his daily insulin. He only needs one shot a day.
He is the gentlest of cats with a big purr and a soft heart. 
Gwyn's other cat, Ruby (Audrey's sister) is a bit more shy around Gwyn and keeps her distance for now.

She does a lot of 'puckering' trying to make sounds.
We looked at books and she had 'tummy time' on her mat. This helps to get her mobile as she is now rolling over and moving along. Won't be long before she is crawling.
It was a fun afternoon with little Gwyn and her kitty-cats.

off to cat-sit.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm not sure who is more AAAdorable, the baby or the cat. Visiting via Kathy at Cedar Pond.

  2. Such sweet pictures. I'm happy to see another cat lover among us!!!

  3. Most cats seem to understand a baby's vulnerability,and adjust their behaviour accordingly...fabulous creatures!!
    Jane x

  4. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon! XOXO

  5. Gwyn you make us all so happy! Sweet Girl! Kitties are the best friends also, so enjoy them!

  6. My grand nephew appears to be well on his way to being a cat lover. Just love to watch little ones with their furry best friends :)

  7. I love the picture of the paws and I can see that Hugo is gentle.

  8. Those pawsies! They're irresistible
    They must be heaven to touch.
    Hugo has a calm, centered aura about him. An old soul. My Turbo is
    like that. (No, I did not name him.).
    We joyously welcome Gwyn into the
    fold of generations of kitty loving

  9. So glad Gwyn and kitties get along! They are all so sweet. :-)

  10. Gwyn is adorable....that age is so cute♥️
    Thanks for your kind takes do many twists and turns,eh?
    Miss V is sawing logs upstairs♥️
    Well worth the delay....but...feel bad for my boyfriend :o)

    My son's cat, diabetic...but has to have 2 needles a day....why is that?

    Cheers my friend
    Linda :o)

  11. A wonderful shot of Molly.

    And Hugo's a sweetheart.

  12. Hugo is wonderful! It is so nice for children to grow up with animals, so many do not get that chance of such a special friendship. I will never forget my first cat who slept with me in my crib. Wonderful images, as always. x

  13. I see you have another cat lover in the family,