Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Help your birds this winter

This photo was taken in 2012 of Mr. Ed and Sierra.
Mr. Ed passed away in his 26th year on Dec. 9, 2013. He loved to 'follow the sun'. I'm so happy I took many photos of him in the five years he lived with us. What a wonderful fella he was.

In this frigid, cold weather we need to help the winter birds stay fed and warm.
Drop over to / for some bird-feeder ideas and help your local birds if you can this winter. They really need us.
The toilet-paper roll shown in the post is a great idea but if you have squirrels around don't be surprised if one just takes the whole thing and high-tails it. Ours lasted 5 minutes.

This is a good day to do some shopping after cat-sitting. I'm in the market for some bedroom side-table lamps. I think too, I have talked the retired-guy into dinner out. Ya, that sounds like a plan.
Are you bored yet with our freezing weather? I don't last long enough outside to make the best of it so I am not your typical 'Canadian'. Well, not in -30C anyway.

Stay warm and remember our hungry birds.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm very sorry about Mr. Ed.
    It was 15 degrees f here in GA this a.m. Cold for us. We are all sitting in a sunny window spot too!

  2. Oh I do Deb....I do!
    Visited your the pumpkin with the seed in it!
    Seeing your cat pics daily, makes me miss our 2 :o(
    But...only "fur" a minute or two...hahaha!
    Enjoy your meal out!
    Linda :o)

  3. I was outside for a while today, doing stuff in the barn, filling birdfeeders, adjusting my wildlife camera. It was FRIGID! So beautifully sunny, though! I have a birdbath with a heater and the birds really seem to appreciate having that water to drink.

    Stay warm!!

  4. your cat was lived 26 years??? that has to be a record! He was so fortunate to have such a loving caretaker. that gives me so much hope for my sweet Punkin who is just sweet 16. Dianne

  5. When ever you mentioned Ed following the sun, the Beatles song " I'll Follow the Sun" came to mind. For me, it will always be "his song".
    He was a gift from God, wasn't he?

    1. Kari - that song has always been one of my favorite ones. It always brings to mind my cats of the past and it will make me think of our Ed now forever. And yes, he was a gift.

  6. My old cat Utah is 26 and I don't think he will be with me much longer. For now, he is comfortable and sleeping a lot. I was never able to feed the wild birds because of all the cats around. Now, they help themselves to the chicken feed all day long!

    1. What a grand old age. Give him a hug for me.

  7. Lovely tribute to Mr. Ed, we always enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of him. We are making the best of winter here. It has been much more snow-y than last year around here!

  8. Sorry to read about Mr Ed but what a grand old age. Charlotte has her 19th birthday soon and I thought that is a great age.
    I am leaving water out for the birds on these very hot days, some love it others seem to make their own arrangements.

  9. Mr. Ed was such a grand cat, and that pic of him and Sierra is wonderful.