Friday, January 31, 2014

Good-bye January

                                             Peachy Paws
Although the day brings little in sun-puddles the temperature has risen to -1C. That is relief and very much welcomed.   As January comes to a close thoughts turn to the mixed-bag of weather that February brings with it. Hopefully it won't be as cold as what we just lived through. I bid "Farewell" to January and give it a 'thumbs-down'. Worst month ever for cold weather.

 I am filling spare time with knitting these days. Nothing amazing; just some little blankets for Ry's doll bed.

                                        "I knit now."

"No, you don't, Audrey. You need thumbs to knit.
'Grow a pair' and I'll teach you. "

"Did she just tell me to 'grow a pair' ? "


"I'm not sure how to take that."

Hope you all have a good weekend. It's a busy one for me with lots of people away now for holidays. I am off to collect keys and fill up the cat-bag.
I'll have some photos of kitty-clients for you soon.

"So long, January."

  "Can't say I'll miss you."                                                    

hugs, Deb


  1. January sucked!
    Those peachy paws could be Fleur's!
    Jane x

  2. Darling photos and I love the last pic with your cute cup!

  3. Audrey, you must make full use of the yarn! No matter how much it gets unwound in the process.

  4. Nice photos ! We are to be getting a snow storm tomorrow and another one hit next week but today the temps here reached a balmy 1°C tropical compared to what we had been having lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  5. Oh AUDREY!!! cats and knitting do not mix!!!!!

  6. LOL...oh Deb...that little Audrey has such spunk! Now, I am LOVING that red! Beautiful!! Have a wonderful and warm weekend. I am so glad it's February, aren't you? Behave yourself Miss Audrey!

  7. Maybe Audrey has watched the new video (on YouTube) about arm knitting! If anyone can do it, I bet she can, XOXO

  8. Amen to that. Horrible weather. Two friends dying, another very ill. Overwhelmed. Bring on February. I'm ready.

  9. Hi Deb,
    I'm going to have to agree so long, farewell to January! Looking forward to spring and flowers…Love your kitty/yarn photos, adorable. Thanks for stopping by knitalatte and leaving a lovely comment.

  10. Our suffering in January must have earned us some good weather in February! I'm afraid it's starting out with a big snowfall today, though. sigh

  11. LOVE the cup! Miss Audrey; you can help her by taking out most of her lame human stitches, they love that! Mine gets all excited when I help her. xoxo
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan