Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lap cat

It is finally warming up a little and the idea of starting back to my daily walks is becoming a reality. 
Kane needs to exercise or at thirteen and a half he begins to seize up a bit. Come to think of it, so do I. haha! Gosh, I hate getting old.
But that all changes quickly when a 5km walk is added to the daily routine. Kane does 2kms easily if the weather permits but it's a slow walk.

Mornings are pretty lazy around here now that the holiday cat-sitting has come to an end. I have cats booked in for January and February but the pace is much slower. It's time to get back to other projects that were left hanging before Christmas.
Annie loves when I have time to enjoy a second cup in the morning.
She is the most lovable, trusting, appreciative and soulful cat I have ever known.

She is a lap cat through and through and mine is her favorite.

The tree came down today (what a job)
It's always a little sad to see the Christmas season end
 but I think I am ready for Spring.
Hope it's warming up where you live. At least for a little while.
Here's a link to help your cat become a lap cat.

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie is a beauty. I've always loved her coloring. Mina is a lap kitty ... it gets quite comfy on the sofa with three cats ... Cassie and Teddy take a side and Mina is always in the lap. "We" are still enjoying the trees.

  2. Here is the CATmastree still up and around , my mom-person say´s she is putting it back in the box next week :)
    You can see that Annie is enjoying being a lapcat , me enjoy´s that to now and then.
    No snow or cold weather in south of Sweden (yet:)
    Our guess is that it will come half way into january.

  3. Annie is such a sweetie, you can tell by her face! We are having some of the coldest weather here so Charlie and I are snuggling up and staying warm. Spring? oh where art thou? hugs, Linda

  4. Annie's personality transpires from the photos. She seem to be like a zen cat.
    Thank you for the link to the fantastic blog!

  5. Can you believe only three of my Horde are lap cats? Ingrates. They need to speak with Annie, obviously.

  6. You are such an adorable girl Annie...mum has to love that you are a lap cat. I have 3 now and love it! I am admiring that delicious looking cupcake that is begging to be eaten with a nice cup of tea. We were blogging today and found your follower.
    If you'd like come by to visit and join/follow us too! Purrs, Miss Kitty & Sisters

  7. Rosie is a lap cat, which is so different from Bailey and was very jealous when my grands came for a visit during the holidays. Any suggestions??? XOXO

  8. Annie is such a sweet heart. Hard to believe wild Audrey is her daughter, but she should be cut her some slack since she is still a youngster. it is always nice to realize you have have brought a lap cat into your home or your cat suddenly decides your lap is best place to rest. Only problem is that a lap cat expects you to sit still for as long as they desire the use of your lap. This can prevent you from getting much done if your cat has anything to say about it. Even an older cat can suddenly decide to convert to being a lap cat. for 20 years Toby was one of those cats that would never let you hold her and certainly had no interest in sharing anybodys' lap. Suddenly, last year she decided she would sit next to me on the sofa and gradually she has worked up to where her head & upper body are resting on half of my lap. I guess she is a semi-lap cat, but even that is nice.

  9. Annie's sweetness shines through in all her pics!

  10. Annie's such a lovely kitty. And very photogenic.