Friday, January 24, 2014


THIS is how you say "Hello" to a cat.
Cats have an extremely sensitive sniffer and they use their sense of smell to gather information about their surroundings.They are especially good at picking up subtle but very important scents, like those from pheromones. From sense of smell alone they can determine whether someone or something is a threat.
Your cat smells your hand for the same reason he would smell another cat after approaching. It provides information. In the cat world, this sniffing is generally accepted as normal protocol so when you try to pet him right away, it takes him by surprise.

In my business I meet new cats regularly and each and everyone is unique. When I go to the home for the introduction I always greet the cat in this manner. It is usually at the end of the meeting that I get down to their level and actually pet them. By then they are used to me being in their space and are much more receptive to me. It is a matter of giving the cat time to adjust to your presence.

There will be some cats that jump right into my lap when I sit down. That's a bonus, of course.
Like Smudge, for instance. We were friends from the get-go. She just wondered what I looked like from a new angle.
"Not bad. You'll do", she thought.

We had a fun afternoon with little Gwyn today.

We care for her during the week to give mom a little break.
Love the wee barrette.
She's also reaching the stage where she will 'make strange' with people so it's good to see her often so she won't forget her Nan and Gramps. 

4 1/2 months & teething.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gwyn is so pretty and petite! I love your cat pictures, always! Have a great weekend.

  2. Wonderful photos . Quite the windy wintery day here wind chills in affect again . Oh I am soo looking forward to spring lol . Have a good day !

  3. Gwyn is just too cute. Wonderful kitty tip.

  4. Gwyn is a sweetie! And good advice on approaching new cats.

  5. That Gwyn is a little doll! She is such a pretty girl!
    Thanks for sharing her progress in life with us, it is always interesting to see babies learn new things one step at a time.
    Stay warm!
    Glenda Campbell
    Winfield, KS

  6. Gwyn is so bright eyed and beautiful! The calico is beautiful, too. There is just something about a calico.... Have a nice weekend!

  7. Gwyn is definitely a cutie!

    I've always done that with cats... it's a good way to say hello on their terms.

  8. Even after several years with me, my big boy Renn needs to smell my hand before I pet him. He knows me, of course, but if I move to pet him without letting him sniff, he ducks. He has a big sniffer and is a prodigious smeller.

  9. Gwyn is so adorable. I've missed my Tiger while I'm in Texas and of course my Charlie Kitty. Mom has a cat so that helps but still miss my family! Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh my...the second photo of Smudge made me melt into a pool of mush. Truly adorable little girl.

  11. Smudge looks like a funny cat. I so wish I knew a pet sitter like you. We have two cats. The oldest is 19 years old. We will be gone for two weeks this summer and I'm already stressing about finding someone to watch them. The friends who usually sit for us will be out of town at the same time :(

    Your granddaughter is adorable. Such chubby cheeks.

  12. Rosie and Smudge are cute little cats! And Gwyn is a sweetie!

  13. Rosie is a charmer--so is your grand daughter--that probably goes without saying!

  14. Look at Gwyn's big, dark blue Bambi eyes! Full of sweetness and joy. She is a really beautiful baby and not just in the way all babies are beautiful.
    Really lovely.
    I always love to watch how they
    change which family member they
    resemble. It's been darling Gwyn and
    the retired guy from the first.
    Good cat advice, Deb. I can't resist
    trying to pet first.