Saturday, January 18, 2014


Our Audrey figures she owns this whole house.

                                       "This is me figuring"
She is a presence in every room and her meow is similar to a Siamese.  I expect she picked that up from her daddy as her mom squeaks like a mouse. She is a rascal when it comes to tables and cupboards. She has taken to wanting my coffee-center cupboard doors to be open in the evenings. The day time is fine for the doors to be shut. Evening...not so much. She will scratch and scratch until the cows come home or one of us gets up from our comfortable chair and opens the doors. Now, she doesn't want anything inside the cupboard. No, just that the door be kept open. It's her house, afterall. She makes the rules.

I've always given my cats nicknames but Audrey was a puzzle; is a puzzle...will always be a puzzle.
"AUDREYDAMMITGETDOWN' was a little on the long side.
When she plays she jumps like someone would to get over a puddle. It's ridiculous to watch. So, I thought 'puddle' would suit her. No, she didn't like that. I tried a few silly names to see if she would respond but nothing...... until I called her "MINOU". You know how those french cats are all sassy and we know that Audrey is a sassy one.  In response, she was on my lap staring me in the face with head tilted to the left. I struck a cord.
So, our audacious Audrey has a nickname. Something short and sweet like her. Hahahaha! Did I type that? And yes, she likes that it is french. "Oui Oui".

Now she is demanding a beret.

Thank you all for your suggestions for the perfect poppy-seed lemon loaf. I received six recipes, will try them all and I'm sure it will be fun taste-testing. Yum!

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the beret! (and the face under it) And really you should have used the "Audrey Dammit Get Down"... as it probably fit best, but is a bit long. All of our cats have *longer names* - some I cannot type here. But Julie is also "Monkey Mouse... Squeaky Toy" and may be related to Audrey in that my husband constantly calls her "Dammit Get Down"...

  2. I love how Audrey has so many different faces.
    We have to leave all of the wardrobe doors open each night or like you we are driven mad with the scratching at them, again they don't want to get inside, just to be little pests. lol

  3. That girl has catitude for sure!

  4. What an elegant lady this is.

    Happy Sunday Deb!

    Madelief x

  5. Our little dachshund was named Harriet when we got her. We asked the man why he named her that. He explained that it meant "Ruler of the House!" That would be kind of long for Audrey, too!!!!! I have two or three nicknames for all my pets, too!!!!!

  6. I would be inclined to nickname her "Your Majesty" or "Your Grace."

  7. Minou does suit her!! Love the beret, please find one for her for real!!

  8. 'Little Madam' works for us quite often!
    Jane x

  9. We think it fits wonderfully! Although "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is apt as well...

  10. I just love your pictures of Audrey! Our cats have always had to have a name ending with an "e" sound, like Petey. If their names didn't end that way, I discovered that we subconsciously nicknamed them something that did. So Scamp became Scampy. Say, that would be a good nickname for Audrey, too. LOL.

  11. Audrey , Audrey, Audrey... I know you are telepathically teaching Louise all your naughty tricks!

  12. Mlle. Minou does indeed look sassy! Beautiful. There's something about a cat in a hat I can't resist!

  13. Funny Audrey, making someone open the door for her!

    My tiny tabby Tessa has found out she can open the kitchen cupboard next to the heating duct, so she can have a nice warm nap in a secret spot.

    You'll have to share the best recipe with us, I love lemon bread.

  14. Well, she is beautiful so of course a fine French name like Minou fits.