Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Hello Kitty"

I was doing some house-cleaning on my blog today and came upon a post that I forgot to show you last Fall.
Since I'm sitting in the office looking out the window at all the dirty snow I thought I would put this up today just so you can see some greenery and flowers. Look at that sunshine!
So here's a post from last Fall, 2013. 

While walking our property today, I peaked through some brush when I thought I spotted something moving. 
Looks like we had sparked some interest with a neighbours' cat.
"Hello gorgeous."
Seeing our lot has been vacant for years now, this feline was probably rather surprised to see anyone walking around. I certainly got it's attention. 

There is one building on our 2 acre lot. It is an old chicken coop that my grandmother raised her hens in and I have very vivid childhood memories of collecting their eggs.
The coop is covered with grape vines and these little red berries. 
This is an 'un-safe' zone because of rotting wood.
The old boards will eventually be pulled off to reveal the logs underneath.

Then I have plans for this building.
Right now, though, I would say a raccoon may be living in there.
I can just picture it using its' long fingers to open this door to the loft.

The retired guy was busy doing 'somethin'. Looks like he's rowing a boat but I think he was actually picking up branches so the tractor wouldn't hit them.

There were a few flowers hanging on for dear life today. One more frost and I expect they will be gone.

A man and his old dilapidated tractor.
It's pure love, I tell ya.  

So that's it.
Now back to winter. :(
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, that was lovely! To see colour again is pretty marvelous!
    Jane x

  2. Your plant with the red berries looks little like one of the "deadly nightshades"!

  3. That`s interesting. I just read up on them. I`ll have it checked out. Thank you.

  4. Ahhh, green. I am so looking forward to spring this year. Thank you for these pix!

  5. I needed this tiny bit of warm beauty to get through the next few months! Thanks Deb!

  6. I thought that the berries looked like they are in the deadly nightshade family careful.