Monday, January 6, 2014

not quite so innocent

Oh yes, she's the picture of innocence.
On this wet and cold windy day here in Ontario, Annie finds a warm spot on top of the dryer.  She's tired as she had quite a busy morning. Now, I thought this was the only mouse in our house.

 But, living in a 120 year old clapboard home, it is unheard of to get through a winter without at least one mouse finding it's way in somehow. We do live across the street from a field,  afterall.

I came home and walked into my office to find 'the mouser' standing over her trophy. I imagine I was to be the recipient of her gift. *groan*

Well, a cat is a cat so I patted her on the head, the mouse was removed promptly and that was that.
But, somehow this has changed how I look at Annie as her innocence has dimmed just a little.
I guess she feels quite proud, and now, after joining me in watching Downton Abbey last night, she has requested a new title in our house of four cats.

Her Ladyship, Madame Annie, Sovereign of the Distinguished                                              Service Order. 
  (I do believe we shan't be able to live with her now)

hugs, Deb


  1. It's a perfect title for her!

    Ten Downing Street has a tradition of a cat being called the Chief Mouser To The Cabinet...

  2. Well done Madame Annie. Thankfully no mice treading inside, but we do get crawly bugs, which our Madame catches. She is 16+ years old and still is lighting fast in spotting, catching and ridding us of the nasty little buggers.

  3. Way to go, Annie! You earned your dinner today!

  4. Well done Madame Annie! She's a beauty.

  5. That's why I never let my cats watch Downton....the minute they catch on to the notion of servitude I'm doomed!

    I pat my cats too when they bring in mice, then I remove it and spend the next 20 minutes watching them wandering around trying to find it.

    Linda xx

  6. Oh, Her Ladyship, Madame Annie, you have earned your new title!

  7. It is so nice to have Downton fans in our mist...we love it! Great title for a Great lady!
    Miss Kitty & Sisters

  8. So far...we've had at least two mouses in our house!!! Living in the mountains in a log house pretty much guarantees that you'll have one every once in awhile...Our Sadie is the mouser...but her nick name is Osama bin Kat!!! (that's a long story!!!)

  9. Her Ladyship, Madame Annie, I toast my tea cup to you!

  10. Lovely photos ! We down here are in a deep freeze but the wood stove is keeping things quite cozy . We had a mouse last year in this old farm house as yes we also live next to a field but Harley took care of it for us and helped , good kitty lol ! So far so good this year no mice in the house . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. She is lovely and a mouser is nothing to be too sad about! Charlie would just look at one and say HUH???? (I've seen it with my own eyes).

  12. My Mitts went almost 17 years without ever budging himself to catch a mouse as his brother Hunter, took care of that. Now that's hes gone, and I was over run with them in the dump I just moved from, he is so proud he fulfilled his genetic destiny by catching 4 in our last month there. Hes now looking for them in the new house, and thankfully none to be found! Im glad he had this chance as he is in a rapid decline and probably wont see the spring. But you never know... Mice in Beatrice Potter are too cute, and mice in real life are nasty in the house. Stay warm!

  13. Several of our younger cats are confirmed hunters. Being presented with an expired mouse is gruesome enough. I do object when the prey is brought in fatally damaged but still moving.

  14. I guess this makes her a member of the aristocracy! We will all be at her beck and call. Just don't show her where your little handbell is.....

  15. Annie caught a mouse and gave it to you. She was trying to please you, Deb. Loving, sweet, protective of her home and generous with her
    gifting...a cat extraordinaire, we'd
    say. The behaviour may be a
    throwback to times when she went
    hungry. And are you sure SHE
    caught the rodent and didn't just pick
    up another kitty's bounty? We
    always thought it was mum's cat that
    caught mice. We found out her cat
    just liked to play with them. Mum's
    standard poodle was the mouser.

  16. Cute story, Deb...
    Is that a Shamrock plant I spy?
    My boyfriend has one in his office....I take good care of it, for him!
    Enjoy your evening....stay warm!

    Linda :o)

  17. Our cats want bells with their names on,placed on the servants quarters/kitchen walls. They say Annie may come to tea so we'd better get some mouse pate in.
    Jane x

  18. A well-deserved title, I must say!

  19. How proud she must be to have protected hearth and home from marauding invaders!