Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Caring for violets and two lovely blogs

Sierra and Audrey keep me company while I water some flowers.

The wheels are turning

I bought myself a new African Violet today.

 I have others that once belonged to my mom but this one looked too pretty to pass up. I love the white blossoms with the touch of violet.  And, lots of new buds to open.
My mom loved all flowers but her favorite were her violets. She took wonderful care of them. Our window-sills were covered in their colourful splendor.
But, the apple did fall far from the tree as I do not have a green thumb to speak of. Mom's violets, that now live with me, look a little bedraggled.
I dropped over to because Linda loves her flowers and cares for them with such love. She sent me off to read some of her past posts on Violet care and it was all very helpful. Have you met Linda yet? You should drop over and say Hi. Her blog is lots of fun to follow. She has loads of interests and with great humour will share them with you.

Another of my favorite blogs is Rosemary's Sampler. I'm going to send you over to read a very inspirational post (Jan. 14). Take a moment to find out how 91 year old Grace lives her life.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my gosh!
    Thanks so much for mentioning me, Deb!
    Hopefully if anyone comes over, they will not judge me by the last posts!
    I will definitely visit Rosemary.....
    That is a sweet little Violet♥️....let it dry out between waterings as well....
    Remove the dead flowers....and give it some liquid miracle-gro every few months...
    I know....shut up, already!
    Thanks again're the best!

    Linda :o)

  2. ...sehr schöne Fotos, liebe Grüße von Tatjana

  3. My violets start to look good and one of the kitties will decide to attack. Ah, well. Enjoy yours and thanks for the links to the blogs.

  4. Look at Sierra's face! That little expression is so adorable!

    I haven't even seen African violets for sale where we live. Wretchedly dry here, but I remember my gran could do wonders with them. Such happy plants. Yours is beautiful; now I want one!

  5. Rosemary's Sampler is one blog I visit regularly, love those girls.
    My mother loved african violets too.

  6. The violets are lovely! Hope Sierra and Audrey keep them that way! I just got Lizzie a scratch pole, which she seems to be finding some interest in. One can only hope...

  7. Thank you for pointing out the blogs!

    A lovely portrait of two such divine ultimate life forms on the planet too.

  8. This reminded me of my Mother, whose birthday it was yesterday and she too once grew African Violets on our Californian windowsills. I rarely see them here in England. Audrey! Just look at her pose! x