Saturday, January 11, 2014

De Thee Tuin (Tea Garden)

I have many very talented clients that I cat-sit for on a regular basis. One is Trudy.
Trudy has a home-based business and she is a baker and preserver extraordinaire.
One of her preserves she makes from her own orange trees that decorate her home.
I was gifted with a jar at Christmas and, after tasting the product, promptly dropped by to purchase more.
Love the jars
She said..."so you like this, do you?" I said..." Trudy, it's so good it's ridiculous." That made her laugh.
She bakes the most decadent breads and desserts. Her jams, jellies and spreads... wonderful.
I purchased four jars knowing that I can either gift them or just work my way through them myself.
I doubt that would take very long. ;-b
My kitchen shelves
She added a sample of her red currant jelly to my bag. She's the best.

Her company is called De Thee Tuin  (meaning Tea Garden)- unusual delight for the epicurious.
If and when Trudy builds a website I will pass it on.

Audrey is trying her best to look normal here.
Even then, I told her she looks 'pouty'.

"How come I don't get to taste marmalade?"

"Oh goodness, Audrey. That's all you need is sugar".
hugs, Deb


  1. How wonderful that all these goodies are available close to you. I discovered local honey during the holidays and split a case with my neighbor -- we gave them as hostess gifts. Delicious stuff ... and the bees (Italian) and honey are a hobby and just a neighborhood over .... I laughed at Audrey and sugar .. yeowwww! ;)

  2. The preserves sound wonderful! Love your new header, Deb. It is adorable and the artist captured you perfectly. I was so sorry to see that Ed passed away. Take care.

  3. These sound so good. I agree, Audrey and Sugar?? Run for you life!

  4. Orange marmalade! Oh goodness gracious! And Trudy's is made from her "own orange trees that decorate her home"? Absolutely divine! Intriguing beyond words! I can only
    imagine the exquisite taste on
    toasted brioche or croissant.
    What a lucky girl you are!
    I read somewhere that cats don't taste sweets. Is that true, Audrey?

  5. I do love her labels! I can't imagine how lovely it would be to step into an orange scented grove. Especially this winter!

  6. Oh MY, I'm going to need to visit her sometime!!! I can't believe she grows her own oranges. Amazing.

  7. Good jam will never last long! I do like the way she labels her product...

    Audrey and jam? Uh oh!