Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Gwyn & a cat tip

Well, here's our little Gwyneth enjoying her bath-time.
(Photo courtesy of her daddy.)

She always likes to hold her own hand. Every time I see her do this it's an "awwwwwww" moment.
She's 14 pounds now and heading into her fifth month. No teeth yet but soon, I'm sure.

So, I'm still hobbling around but each day I am straighter. ha! I know you are picturing this.
You are all so nice with your good wishes. Thank you for that. The retired-guy has been cooking up a storm and 'serving' me my meals. I could really get used to this. ;-)
But I needed to get out today so I managed to head up to Almonte to drop into the antique shop just for a look-see and I needed to 'hunt' a bit. I didn't last long but came home with this little treasure.
It's a salt box made in Germany. I think it is meant to hang on the kitchen wall near the stove for cooking. It's not in perfect condition but I'll fix it up.

On the way home I dropped by the warehouse to feed the ferals. It was blowing and snowing. I left plenty of dry and soft food under a secure cover. It will stay nice and dry for them. It is going down below freezing tomorrow so hopefully they can fill up tonight. In order to keep the soft food from freezing I put it on top of some dry and then cover the moist food with a pile of more dry. That will keep it insulated a little longer.
We still have lots of snow and more on the way.  Taken from our front porch Jan 19.

I wanted to show you what is left of the oranges I put out this morning for our pesky squirrels.
 I missed them this morning but this is proof that they really do eat them. They seem to prefer them over the apple. "Linda....from Woke out of Bed  this photo is for you. :) I think Red would love an orange. ;-)
"Have you dropped by to meet Linda? Do so as she is a great photographer and her blog is lots of fun.

Did you know...
Winter can present special health risks to cats. The antifreeze we use in our cars, if ingested, can be lethal. Cats are attracted to it's sweet taste and can die from sampling it. It can immediately put them into renal failure if ingested. Renal failure is a progressive and irreversible deterioration of kidney function. So, if you use antifreeze,  please keep it stored up high and safely away from your cats and any outdoor cats as well. If there is spillage in your drive-way it needs to be cleaned up immediately.
Winter ice salt can create similar risks with your cats. If your cat is an outdoor cat, it will lick its' paws after being outside and ice salt can cause severe internal problems. If your cat must wander outside you should wash its' paws when it returns home.

Have a great day.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hate those quirky backs! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Love that salt box!

  2. Are you talking about ME again! Love that!♥️
    People are gonna think that I am paying you!
    No picture of sweet Gwyneth...:o(
    Salt box is adorable by the way...
    I dedicated my post to YOU today...and Violet of course!
    Our cat Kramer actually drank some anti-freeze once...burnt all his tongue and mouth....pretty sore event...for sure!
    So...come on over....kettle is on!

    Linda :o)

  3. Hi Deb, I hope you feel better from your back pain, take care!
    I can´t see little Gwyn´s pic but I imagine how beautiful she is enjoying this moment and relaxing ♥ it´s a pleasure to see how little children enjoy the water
    Your salt box is adorable! ideal for my himalayan salt! I love the wooden lid too, I used to have three similar boxes where I kept spices in them.
    Thanks for sharing the cat tips, how many dangers near our dear kitties!

  4. I do believe that Gwyn is thinking about a future career as an opera singer!!
    Jane x

  5. What a happy little girl.
    Yes I remember washing Guiness' feet when he came in from outside in the winter. You would think I was chopping his feet off the commotion that erupted. I miss him still :(

  6. What a sweet little doll! She looks like she's having a blast with her bath. I knew the tip about antifreeze, but didn't know about the salt. thanks for sharing that. We took our little Sox to his forever home yesterday, I'm sad because he was such a little cutie pie, but I'm glad to know he settled in very nicely and the new family loves him already.

  7. Gwnyeth is a beautiful baby; such a sweet smile! For me, it is fun to see all your snow. It is 62 degrees here today! Bless you for feeding the feral cats. (and the squirrels) I adore the salt box. Glad you could get out for a short while. Take care and feel better soon. Mildred

  8. Isn't she just a litte doll! Adorable!
    Well who knew squirrels liked oranges. That's funny!
    xo Catherine

  9. What a sweet baby and what a smile she has, too! No wonder you adore her.

    I think you have more snow in eastern Ontario than we do here in the GTA but we're all experiencing extreme cold. I have to go out in the morning...brrr...but hubby always starts the car for me so it's toasty warm by the time I have to leave. Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day this week. Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive after all I am Canadian, eh! :o)

    Stay warm, Deb.

  10. Gwyneth is a cutie pie! Thank you for feeding the feral kitties! We worry about outside kitties this time of year. We don't ever get outside although we do enjoy window whiffs even when it's chilly out!

  11. Wow ! I really like your tip for kitties.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

  12. Gwyn is so sweet! Love that smile. Your little salt jar is very pretty! Glad you found a little treasure!

  13. Your granddaughter is just precious. Hope your back is feeling better Deb. Take it easy.

  14. Thanks for the safety tip. Hope you don't mind, but we're posting portion on our humane society facebook page.

  15. You have the most adorable grandchildren I have ever seen!!! Cute enough to babysit and I DO NOT babysit! Adorable!!!

  16. What a precious baby!!! I love that age!!!

  17. Your precious little Gyneth is beautiful!!! Gorgeous!

  18. She's such a sweetie pie!

    The squirrels are quite thorough.