Thursday, January 9, 2014

Little Woolies

To me, lambs are just about the sweetest things on earth.
There is just something so innocent about them, so endearing.

I'm sure if I didn't have cats I'd want a lamb or two. 

I mean, really.......look at this.

She has hearts on her knees. Ahhhhhh!
My cats don't have hearts on their knees.

"Oh....excuse me a moment"
"What is it Audrey? I'm a little busy right now"
"Well Deb, I'm not sure I like where this is going. If you're thinking of giving us the heave-ho, once again must I remind you that I have the OSPCA on speed-dial."

"Just sayin'. " (I may chew your camera cord, too)

"Oh Audrey, you're so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. "  :)

hugs, Deb


  1. The little black and white lamb is just precious! I could envision a plot of land with some smaller livestock. Audrey doesn't need to worry...hobby farmers have cats!

  2. MOL!! LOL!!! Too funny...but you are so right those lambs are the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!! Have a Wonderful Day!!
    Miss Kitty

  3. We may goop over the fuzzy wee lambs but they could never EVER take the place of the cunning, beautiful felines!

  4. Hmmm, Audrey is looking a bit 'sheepish'!
    Jane x

  5. HA..this made my day Deb! I am with you! I have always wanted sheep, lambs and goats! Should have been a farm girl. That Audrey....such a minx!

  6. Hiya, Deb! Joy to you and what a delight to catch up with you and your sweet meow-meow's! Your watercolour banner head is just gorgeous! I'm sorry I missed the story on that! I'm trying desperately to get back into a Blogland writing and visiting routine. Many career changes in my life this past year and I am in high hopes that my writing ambitions may fully bloom by the year's end. Your little lambs here are darling - I featured a lamb story in my first book out for this past holiday season. Also - truly loved catching up on some past teatimes. It's almost 4pm in Jersey and I believe it's time to put the kettle on for my afternoon break. And, perhaps a cuddle with my Copperfield and Emma.

  7. "Hearts on their knees" . . . makes me cry . . . audacious Audrey . . . makes me laugh. Thanks, Deb. We know how much you love that gorgeous bad girl. Becky

  8. Hilarious.....and so sweet.....great mix♥️
    Linda :o)

  9. Is that last one really real? It looks like a stuffy! I simply adore lambs -- they have the cutest faces. But I think Lizzie would have quite the same reaction as Audrey!

  10. I must say the little lambs are adorable, but nothing takes the place of kitty cats in my heart!

  11. I was wildly jealous of a distant cousin that had a lamb for a pet. She lived on a farm and I suppose it was normal for her. No matter how I begged, my parents wouldn't let me have one in town. I did, however, have cats and dogs so it wasn't all bad.

  12. Hello, popped over from SYC and now I'm your newest follower. During my childhood a neighbor had a lamb - it wore diapers in the house and in the car. Can you imagine a lamb riding in a yellow VW bug? Mr. Lange never had to mow his yard - so the lamb was practical as well as decorative. Have a blessed week. See you next time at SYC.

  13. Awww, those lambs are cute!

    Audrey's looking as incorrigible as ever.