Monday, January 27, 2014's cold out there.

After my cat-sitting rounds this morning I headed out for a walk about town. We are in the bleak mid-winter and the wind howled as I passed by these poor little ducks. Our town is blanketed in fresh snow and the temperature is -18C. It will drop to -25C tonight.

                                                       This is along the Mississippi River  
Sierra was soaking up the sun when I returned from my walk. The wind had picked up and I came home reminding myself to bring an extra scarf next time. "Whoa! It's cold out there."

"Silly human. She oughta find a sun-puddle."
"But not mine"

hugs, Deb


  1. Stay warm and find a sun-puddle!

  2. We are all dreading the minus 30 degrees tonight and that's with a wind chill. Are those temps usual for you. Stay warm and cozy.

    1. Yes, we do get these temperatures every winter but this winter has been so long (since November 1st) and so cold. There has been little reprieve from it.

  3. I was in my "sun puddle" for a lot of the day!
    Doing some packin'....
    Come over later....workin' on another "warmer" post ♥️

    Linda :o)

  4. Sun puddles are in high demand right now!

    I was out and about at lunch, and the wind was just blowing snow off roofs and trees to the point where visibility was becoming a problem.

  5. Oh Deb! Take Serria's advice and do find a sun puddle!

    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Just love those sun puddles . Nice photos ! I have been out either playing with Miggs in the snow taking her for walks , filling feeders or shoveling snow , I find if you dress for it it is nice to get out and get some of that clear crisp fresh air . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. I definitely need a sun puddle… minus 42 C tonight. Geesh! I don't know HOW the bunnies and squirrel keep warm (shouldn't they be hibernating???) I feed them every other day; alfalfa, seeds and nuts. Birdseed for the feathered folk too.

  8. These Sierra photos are beyond beautiful. Her lovely guard hairs just shine like crystals. I swear I can feel her furs without even touching her. I
    swear I really can!
    We've got just the opposite with our
    weather. Our winters are temperate
    with , sometimes in bad heather, , a few hours nearing 32F/0C but warming to 63F/ 17C in the day. It will be 80F/26C on Thursday.
    Our killer is the unrelenting sun of summer with 105 F /40C in the morning and a high of 118F/48C in the day. Everything literally dry
    roasts. The birds in the trees have
    their beaks hanging open and people
    are known to die when their air
    conditioning fails. Just a hell hole it

  9. Now that sound a lot colder than I have ever experienced. But I need to know, is the heating left on for the cats in the houses you visit to cat sit?

  10. -30 sounds horrendous, all we have is rain, rain, rain. So depressing, thank god for the cats, I can always raise a smile just looking at them.

  11. Well I know I am tired of winter and could use a nice sun puddle to snooze in. ;)
    xo Catherine

  12. Guard your sun puddle, Sierra, they are not easy to come by!