Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warm kitties and woolies is a blog I learn a lot from. I feel I should share it with you so drop on over and see what you think.

But first, Lucky wants to say "Howdy"

"Where's my breakfast?"
Her sister, Addy is shy and waits 'til the sitter is long gone to dive into her meal. 
She's a grey beauty, much like our Audrey.

My kitty-client, Dominique loves to be groomed.

She has such beautiful markings
with a big smudge on her nose. "Adorable."

One of my readers asked if the heat is left on for my cat-clients while their owners travel. Yes, it is and the cats are kept very comfortable in their homes. I remind them everyday of how lucky they are to have such loving owners and warm, safe homes during our frigid winters.

It's Gwyn-time today then I'm off to the wool shop in town. It's great to spend time knitting by the fire on these cold nights. I discovered acrylic needles and I love them.

They are smooth and light-weight.
Let's see...what shall I knit today?

"How about some wooly socks for these beauts?"  

"Oh Audrey, must you be so rude?"
Yes, she must.

hugs, Deb


  1. What is being said here? Speak to the paw?

  2. The Dominique´s nose is like my Nelson... she´s so sweet!

  3. Lucky! I love when they look like they're talking! So captivating.
    He must be a very sweet fellow too not to tuck into Addy's food before she comes out!

  4. I think my next trip away from home I shall try to find a cat sitter in my town. Speak to the Paw...oh Audrey!

  5. Hope you enjoyed your day with Gwyn...♥️
    What are you going to knit???

    Linda :o)

  6. I can practically hear Lucky's meow. And Dominique is such a beauty.

    Audrey's wanting her beauty sleep undisturbed!

  7. I'm glad those kitties are kept warm :)
    I like those needles... must look them up!

  8. Knitting and winter seem to go together , like kitties and laps ! I love Dominique's flashy spots , she'd go very well with my flock of Jacob sheep.

  9. Arghhhhh - Audrey! You have done it again. Made me smile. Beautiful cats here, always. How nice. We leave our heating on a timer while away so the cats get the same service we have when home. x

  10. Lucky kitty clients! They are all beautiful.