Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ouchie! & The Cat's Meow

Gwyneth was 4 months old on Sunday.

She is teething now. Ouchie...
She is grabbing things, holding her torso up and rolling over.
Life is fun for Gwyn except for the teething. :(

Oh yes, and she laughs out loud now; a good hardy laugh, mom says.
I do hope the teething is over soon.

And what is going on around here today?
Lots of this. It is very, very cold outside.
Sierra dreams of her mornings sitting on the porch waiting for her mailman to arrive.  I'm sure the love-affair will pick up where it left off come Spring.
But as cold as it is, the sun is shining. That changes everything. :) I'm heading out.

Annie & Audrey are not interested in the sun today. They have a new toy and that takes priority.
The Cat's Meow
I recommend this toy highly. You just press the button on top and the mouse tail starts to move . It really grabs their interest and gets them moving, too.
You can imagine Annie is in her glory.
It's called the Cat's Meow and can be purchased here at Walmart and Giant Tiger.

Stay warm and bake some muffins.
hugs, Deb


  1. That sunshine does feel good, doesn't it? It's energizing!

    Little Gwyn has a sweet smile. Did you knit her poncho? It's adorable!

  2. Gwyn is so cute =)
    The Cat's Meow, eh? Annie & Audrey do look entranced!

  3. I've seen that toy on the tv and wondered about it!!!

  4. I have that toy and it sucks up batteries on a daily basis, so be warned, otherwise it is a great toy, but stock up on the batteries.

    Your grandkids are beautiful!! so love your blog!!
    Jill from NY

  5. Happy New Year Deb! We are cat sitting on Vancouver Island this month so we are enjoying the warmer weather and little Lucky. He is a orange 7 week old male kitten and is full of spunk! Our 10 year old Bison is enjoying Lucky's company as well. I look forward to following you again this year. Take care.

  6. She is such a picture perfect baby!

  7. Hi Deb,
    and for us it is getting warmer, yesterday I was able to go without a jacket for the office home, so we have around 10 degrees plus.
    This Cat's Meow which we had already twice, but it was very quickly broken, but the cats loved it;-).
    Have a nice day greetings from Regensburg by Tatiana and the boys

  8. What cuties - baby and kitties!!
    That new toy looks like a lot of fun and good exercise!
    Happy Wednesday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  9. The sun is shining here and I'm going out today for sure!! Hope my car starts!! That sweet Gwyn is such a doll. Oh teething is not fun is it. I've seen that cat toy and wondered how it works. Charlie is busy chasing sunbeams across the living room floor today! Stay warm and big hugs to you and the kitties. Linda

  10. Gwyn's such a cutie pie!

    The cats look like they're enjoying themselves... or plotting something.