Thursday, January 16, 2014


Look who we looked after today so mom could do some shopping.
We read lots of books
and then she flew around the room.

"Look Gramps, I can stand up"
and then she crashed.
She's such a little doll.

Here's Ruby, Audrey's sister. Ain't she a beaut!
She's just like her mom, Annie.
I got home to find more messages for my cat-sitting service waiting.
Looks like the next six weeks will be a busy time again.
I'd better get all the 'Gwyn-time' in while I can.

This guy showed up this morning at the feeder
"Oh, Audrey." She has been waiting all morning for the squirrel to show up for breakfast and now that he's here...she's asleep. Well, that's a cat for you.

hugs, Deb


  1. Babies have that delighted and then crash into a nap thing going on quite a bit!

    Well, that's the whole reason the squirrel should show up... he knew she was napping. You should show her the pic.

  2. I know just what kind of day, you....the retired guy....and sweet little Gwynn had♥️
    Aren't those just the best days.......EVER!
    I need to ask....why do you have the orange slices out?
    I put them out at the cottage, for the Baltimore the winter?
    Who comes to them? Robins? Who? better answer, Missy! Ha!
    Linda :o)

    1. Aren't they pretty. haha! It's my squirrel that took off with one last week. I always put apple out in the winter for them and just happened to add some orange slices when one of the squirrels grabbed one and high-tailed it. So, I put two more out to see if they take them. I have very weird squirrels around here. One just stole a whole toilet paper roll covered in peanut butter and bird seeds on the weekend. My grand-daughter Riley made it and it lasted 5 minutes in the tree. So, Baltimore Orioles eat oranges. Good to know.

    2. attracts them!
      They are beautiful.....I did a post last summer...they built a nest right above the cottage♥️ Awesome!
      Perhaps I will put a few orange slices out here.....for RED!!!

  3. What a fun day for you! She is such a pretty baby. The squirrel looks like it knows perfectly well that Audrey is asleep.

  4. Such a treat to look after your little grandbaby - adorable!
    Love the little squirrel that came to visit. Too bad kitty missed it. Maybe it will be on Squirrelvision later. ;)
    xo Catherine

  5. Your granddaughter is sweet as can be! How precious to have time with her.

  6. Little Gwyn is adorable! I love seeing her grow! Enjoy your time with her!!
    hugs, LInda

  7. She's getting to be a regular Peter Pan. Or, I think she looks a little more like Tinkerbell -- Your fairy granddaughter!