Friday, January 3, 2014

Wild turkeys cometh

Around our parts wild turkeys roam the back roads. In my business of travelling from house to house to care for stay-at-home felines,  I have the pleasure of watching these rather homely birds go about their day. As long as they don't dive-bomb my car, which they did years back "Ahhhh!",  then I think they are pretty cool. But we do have a history.
photos taken last week

Four years ago I was driving the back roads and I came upon a flock of them. At the time I was driving a little red car belonging to my friend who was ill with cancer. I was actually heading to her home when I spotted them in the middle of the road. I slowed down so not to hit them and reached for my camera to photograph their charming faces. All of a sudden, one flew up in the air and landed on the car.  Ok,  this wasn't fun anymore. At first I thought they were seeking help and then realized that they did not like the car amongst them. Maybe it was the colour red that offended them. One threw itself against the windshield while others jumped around on the road . It was like I was in a Hitchcock movie.
"Holy Cow! I screamed like a girl and hit the gas. 

Here's what they look like up close and personal.

"Oh my goodness...hahaha! They freak me out!

It's been very cold the last few days. I have gone through 3 large bags of dry food for the ferals but have not actually seen one in weeks. What I do see are their tracks. 
That's enough to keep me feeding them in this freezing weather.

Just a reminder that the 2 hour premiere of the fourth season of Downton Abby is this Sunday night.
Don't miss it.

hugs, Deb


  1. And to think that we could've ended up with the turkey for our national bird! I have been having Downton Abbey withdrawls for about a year! Our local PBS station has been airing reruns. It's so nice to hear intelligent dialogue.

  2. Those turkeys would freak me out also!!! Can't wait for Downton Abbey!!!!

  3. I wonder people don't capture the turkeys for Christmas, lol
    On the subject of ferals, Daddy still has not appeared and it must be going on for a month now. I'm glad I was able to make his little life a bit easier but maybe its better I don't know what happened to him.

  4. Makes you wonder what the good Lord had against turkeys!

  5. Good grief
    he looks very unhappy!
    Bless you for feeding the feral kitties =)

  6. Looking forward to Downton. Perhaps the turkey is getting even with us for making him a meal ...!!!! Stay warm and safe.

  7. Great close-up of that turkey! Glad it's not our national bird!

  8. Love this Deb! We experienced wild turkeys while living in Maine. It would be amazing to me that you would just look up and out the window were huge tom turkeys making their way through your yard! We would get so excited! Mae would run to the window to see what the fuss was about! Miss that!!!

  9. We had wild turkeys everywhere while living in Maine, Deb! It would be so strange to just casually look up and see huge tom turkeys crossing the yard. Mae would run to the window to see what all the fuss was about. We always thought it was quite exciting to see a big gathering of them in the snow or especially on a rainy fall miss that! Love the post!!

  10. And to think, in addition to collecting cats, I also collect vintage turkeys!

  11. I've seen them out in the countryside from time to time. Very distinctive, if ungainly!